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Concentrate Review: Power Kush Shatter by Jolly Bee Extracts

How's it goin PNW readers! Thanks for joining us  for another of our concentrate reviews. We've been dabbing some Power Kush from Jolly Bee Extracts, an extract company providing medical marijuana concentrates to patients in Oregon. They have a unique packaging that makes their dabs look like honey bees and you've already seen our review of their Chocolope Honey Bee.

Jolly Bee Power Kush:

You can see from the image below that even in full sun this stuff is a bit dark. It's not as dark as the Chocolope we reviewed but it was still not very clear. I feel that if you're running the expensive equipment and expecting a high dollar amount per gram, then it should be MUCH clearer!

jolly bee power kush dark

However, we do know that age of herb and CBG concentrations can affect the color so maybe this couldn't be helped......but the price tag should have been adjusted for this IMO.

jolly bee power kush container

Jolly Bee spends a lot on their packaging, and I think that's one of the reasons for the higher cost. They provide their half-grams in hard acrylic containers and they can't be bothered to line them with parchment paper. This means your pretty little pumpkin gets stuck and snaps apart when you're trying to get your dabs into a better container. Then they slap a color coded (indica, sativa, hybrid) sticker that has their logo and the strain name on it.

jolly bee power kush container

As you can see, all of this packaging means that there is a large overhead cost that they then push off onto their customers. Hence the higher cost at the shop. I much prefer the cheaper packaging that allows a better cost to be offered to the consumer.

The Experience:

The Power Kush is a nice indica that even in concentrate form has a slightly citrus flavor that reminds you of oranges mixed with a loamy, dirty, earthy flavor. The high is quite cerebral, it hits you in the head quickly and doesn't let go for a couple hours.

jolly bee power kush pumpkin

Thankfully the high is on point. You get a nice body high that is full of pain relief with the CBDs and CBGs that are present. The THC isn't the highest, but for me the entourage effect is in full swing here and you end up feeling like you've hit something in the 85%+ range.


Like almost every other strain I've reviewed so far, this is not as available as we would prefer. It also just doesn't have the clarity I expect in this industry at this point.

A last thought on their packaging......quit wasting money on it and then passing it off on the consumer!! There is no need for the additional stickers and molds, they're just gimmicks to help generate sales. I understand that, but gimmick costs should NEVER be pushed back onto the consumer, those should just be added to your marketing expenses........

Thanks for joining us PNW fans! This is a cute little pumpkin and it hits very strongly with it's heavy indica qualities. The flavor was a little odd, but reminded you strongly of earth and oranges. It was close but this one just received our PNWCR Approved badge.








Pain Relief





  • Cute holiday mold
  • Good pain relief
  • Cerebral head high


  • Darker than many in same price range
  • Higher cost than expected for quality