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Subscription Review: January #myTHCbox

january mythcbox

Hey there PNWfans! As you all know by now, we LOVE our Dank Mail stoner subscription boxes! Well we get to bring you another unbox and review of the #myTHCbox, by far our favorite of all of the subscription boxes out there.

This is their January #myTHCbox and it was expertly curated with some AWESOME items based on their “Wonderland” theme, their take on the Alice in Wonderland story. As always, $1 of every box is donated to a company that is focused on cannabis activism. This month that donation went to NORML, one of the best known names in the activism community! Well, lets take a look shall we? Watch the video above and then read below for some details…….

The January #myTHCbox:

Opening the box we saw the content card that they provide in every box that details the contents. This one also doubled as the adult coloring card this month, and on the back side of it you see an amazing Alice coloring page for you to unleash your imagination upon!

As a matter of fact, Facebook user Freddie Pritchard threw down the gauntlet and challenged everyone who has the January #myTHCbox to a coloring contest! Click here to see Freddie’s awesome colored page and to post photos of your’s!!

Under all the wrapping the first thing we pulled out was the Buddy Gift, a pair of incense and a couple of free downloads of the “Cannabis Cleanse” ebook by Jane West.

Next we pulled out a couple of art pages about 3 x 5 sized and a pack of cannabis collectible trading cards! The hi-res photos of the flowers were really cool and I enjoyed going through our pack to see which ones we had!

january mythcbox

For the joint smoker, the #myTHCteam included a disposable smoker’s kit. This kit included a bit of a janky lighter (I still believe that this is a bad idea to use crappy lighters here but hell, it’s a disposable kit so whatever right?), some RAW papers and joint tips, some cleaner pills, and a “We’re All Mad Here” sticker.

january mythcbox

They have a TOP roller in the box as well. This is a top side roller, which I’ve never used before, and you’ll have to click here to see the instructions on how to use this thing! To go with this they also included a joint travel case, and the case comes with 3 pre-rolled cone tubes to take with you.

january mythcbox

A portable ashtray is also included in this box. Honestly, this is nothing more than an aluminum tube with caps at both ends to smother a cigarette butt or a joint roach and keep it from smelling until you get to a good disposable spot.

january mythcbox

Last but not least, you get a light-up mini hookah. Ours was blue and has on, off, and strobe settings while you use the charcoal (provided) or not to smoke shisha or (even better) cannabis.

January mythcbox

They can’t officially back cannabis use through this due to the state they live in……..but we can!!!!! Click here to see their video on how to use the hookah!


One more time here is a quick list of what you get in the box:

  • Buddy Gift – Incense and a free “Cannabis Cleanse” ebook x2
  • Collectible cannabis trading cards
  • Two 3 x 5 postcard sized artworks
  • Joint carrying case w/3 pre-rolled joint cones
  • Top joint roller
  • Disposable Smokers Kit, including:
    • Electric click lighter
    • RAW papers
    • RAW prerolled joint tips
    • Pill sized tablets of cleaners, x2
    • Baseball bat sized joint cone
    • Pocket ashtray
    • Light up mini Hookah

You only pay $35.99 each (+9.95 for the VIP upgrade if you want) and you definitely get WAY more than what you pay for. Subscribe to 3 months in advance and only pay $99.99 which saves you some money and we TOTALLY recommend it!!

There is the “Wonderland” January #myTHCbox! It was just as wonderful as their December box and we can’t wait to see what comes in their February box! Once again the receive the PNWCR Badge of Approval and remain the #1 subscription box we’ve seen so far!












  • Worth much more than price
  • Quality Items
  • Expertly curated boxes with amazing themes
  • Supports activism and legalization


  • Not all items are the same quality
Family man and ganjapreneur, I am an Pacific NW resident who loves to test and review cannabis related products! I love to hike, swim, and explore Oregon and the Northwest. My family and I go on plenty of adventures!