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Subscription Review: January 2017 Toker Pack Bundle Pack

Subscription Review: January 2017 Toker Pack Bundle Pack
Subscription Review: January 2017 Toker Pack Bundle Pack

Thanks for joining us PNW CannaReviews fans! Welcome to another Dank Mail unboxing! Today we are unboxing the January 2017 Toker Pack Bundle Pack!

Sorry this is a little late. We had issues with our mail system and couldn’t get mail for a week! However, we did get it the second week of February, so I’m gonna say it was mailed late too and it was a combination of the two that has this video so late!! That being said, the best things comes to those who wait and this was an awesome thing for sure!

The Bundle Pack:

Toker Pack has three levels to choose from: The mini-Pack (smallest and most basic), the Accessories pack (for those who like goodies but don’t need anymore glass) & the Bundle Pack (the all inclusive pack with goodies and glass). The Bundle Pack is their joint (get it?) glass and pre-roll pack. You get joint supplies, a rolling tray and some glass! In January we got:

  • Rasta colored rolling tray
  • Pack of clear Cyclone joints
  • Ball style concentrate container
  • Pack of unbleached super joint papers, 1.5″
  • Grinder pill bottle container
  • Quartz banger for dabbing
  • Invasion Glass 10″ straight tube bong

This is $60/month, making it one of the more expensive subscription boxes, but you get plenty of goodies and the glass value is damn near that anyway! Toker is selling this tube by itself in their shop for $54, so add the joint supplies and you get about the value of the box.

Most of the others give more than you pay, so that was a little disappointing. Don’t get me wrong though, the tube was dope and we’re pretty satisfied with this box!! This has already become our daily dabber and I can’t WAIT to get an e-nail to use with this bowl!

Side note: Toker Pack is one of the few that actually offer the items in their boxes in an online store, so you didn’t miss out on some of these items even though it’s way past January!

A quick note on their packaging, the Toker Pack team took the time to organize things in bubble wrap envelopes. This ensured everything arrived safely and not scattered all around. It protected the banger too, that was nice since we’ve had glass arrived busted up.


There weren’t many flaws for this service. They don’t flood  you with smalls, so even though we REALLY liked the glass it still felt like it wasn’t the same value as some of the other boxes we’ve reviewed.

It is one of the more expensive boxes as well, giving this a one-two punch that dropped the score a bit lower than it could’ve been.

Toker Pack started 2017 off right and gave a great box. This was a great choice to go with and their different levels offer something for everyone! It may be slightly more expensive than we prefer, but the glass is strong and quickly became our daily dabber so the complaints are small! These guys definitely receive the PNWCR Badge of Approval!











  • Great glass tube inside
  • Something for everyone
  • Quality accessories


  • More expensive than other subscriptions
  • Not a lot of little things to keep you interested
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