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Utensil Review: Icy Tokes Re-freezable Ice Cubes

Hello PNW followers! I hope everyone’s day is going great! I’m here today to bring you the Icy Tokes Re-freezable Ice Cubes,¬†the acrylic cubes that look like ice cubes that you can put in the freezer for smooth, chilled hits when using your water pipe or bong.

The Reveal:

When you open the package, you see a pack of Icy Tokes packaged in plastic with a cardboard logo stapled to the top. This is wrapped in thin styrofoam wrapping, but it’s wrapped enough that you can’t see the cubes and they’re well protected. You don’t have to worry about them being broken in shipping, they’re pretty durable on their own.

Icy Tokes in packaging. Image Credit:

The sets themselves are made up of 5 cubes with snaps glued to them so you can make them as tall or as short as you need. There is really not must to talk about here, there is just the cubes in the packaging and no instructions (not that you need instructions on how to freeze something).

Using the Icy Tokes:

icytokesfrozenAfter you open these you pop them in the freezer for a minimum of an hour typically. Some freezers will be a bit faster, most will take 1.5 hours or more to chill the cubes completely. Once they’re fully frozen (or to what ever temp your patience allowed for) just pull em out of the freezer and drop them down the bong stem. Nothing to it! Smooth hitting abounds……..for about a bowl worth of herb, maybe two.


There were a couple of major flaws with these things. First, they don’t retain the coldness for very long. We have several bowl sizes that we tested the Icy Tokes with, and even with our smallest bowl the coldness only lasted a little longer than a second bowl full. Not very efficient in my opinion.

Worst of all, the glue fails in the cold. We made the mistake of snapping two sets together before freezing them but didn’t adjust it to the correct height before putting them in the freezer (our bong is taller than a single set and needed 3 cubes from a second set to be sized right). When we pulled it out of the freezer and tried to pop off the unneeded two cubes, the glue failed and the entire snap came off of one side. There is now no way to reuse those pieces.


The Icy Tokes team sent us an updated item after our review showed the glue failing. You can see the failure by watching the video above. The new glue holds up much better in the cold and it didn’t come apart when we were testing the new items. We adjusted their rating a bit to reflect this, up to 7.5/10 from 6.9/10.

Sadly, they still have issues holding the cold. We hardly got through a bowl before most of the coldness was gone. We’ll just stick with our ice cubes and ice catchers.

There you have it, the Icy Tokes Re-freezable Ice Cubes.¬†Although they’ve redesigned the glue to hold up better under freezing they still don’t quite fulfill the promise of icy hits without the ice. We at PNWCR still do not recommend these items for purchase.

These DO NOT meet and pass the

PNW CannaReviews testing



Icy Tokes Re-freezable Ice Cubes













  • Reusable
  • Adjustable size
  • Smooth hits


  • Doesn't hold cold for long