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Subscription Review: The Hotbox Litebox

hotbox litebox

Welcome back to the PNW CannaReviews HQ fans, and thanks for joining us for another subscription, or “Dank Mail” review! The team at HotBox sent us their LiteBox so we could show all of you a great way to dip your feet into the waters of subscription boxes!

This isn’t actually an intro box, it’s just a smaller box with fewer items that are more focused. There aren’t as many “smalls” as we like to call them in this box and it’s one of the lower cost boxes out there currently so it’s a great way to see if you want to pay for more expensive boxes.

HotBox LiteBox:

This box wasn’t as large as the #myTHCbox so you don’t get a lot of the items that you won’t possibly use. The larger boxes like that and the Toker Pack combo pack come with a lot of items that some people may not use.

hotbox litebox

To start with we unpacked several joint smoking accessories. In the picture below you see some Elements papers and RAW cones. There were two packs, but only one is pictured.

hotbox litebox

We really liked the “doob tube” from Futurola too! It came with a pre-rolled joint cone and is a great way to travel with your jays without smellin like the trim room!

Next we got the smalls that you expect from one of these just not as many as you get in some of the larger boxes. First we got some slaps…..


We didn’t have an Elements slap in our personal collection so that was nice to get one of those! Next we also got a Kasher and silicone bracelet e-njoint. I collect these so the more the merrier!

hotbox litebox

The last item before we move to the glass is some cleaner! We haven’t received any cleaner in any of our boxes with the exception of the 420 Kit that wasn’t a monthly box at all…..

hotbox litebox

Oddly enough the directions on the bottle talk about using an abrasive together with the liquid, but we only got the liquid so we’ll have a review of that another time to see how it works without the cleaner.

Ok, so lets move on to the crowing piece of the box. We got a small, 6 inch water pipe as the glass piece that is in every single box we’ve unpacked. Some did better than others…….

hotbox litebox

Sadly, HotBox didn’t quite hit the mark with this glass bubbler. We’ve seen MUCH better glass in other boxes and we’ve seen pieces with more thought given to what was included. The o-ring was brittle and was just slightly too big so the bowl didn’t have a tight seal.

I didn’t take a picture of it, but the bubbler had a carb in the back right where the glass began to angle out to form the water chamber. If you aren’t careful you can tip it back too far and spill water out the back……not a great design there!


So, let’s see what we got for the money:

  • Raw Cones x2 – $5
  • Elements Papers – $2
  • Kasher – $5
  • Silicone Bracelet – $2
  • Slaps x3 – $3
  • Formula 420 Cleaner – $10
  • 6″ Water Pipe – $10

I figure the value of the box was about $40 and you pay $30 with free shipping for the box. I’m sure some people would give the pipe a bit more value but I’m a fan of quality glass so I valued it a bit lower comparatively.


There are a couple of flaws with the box:

First, the cleaner is supposed to be paired with an abrasive that they didn’t include in the box. That gives it a little bit of an unfinished feel.

The other flaws are with the glass pipe. The carb is in an odd spot and the bowl doesn’t sit in a low quality o-ring well so I think they could have included a better option here.

The last flaw is that the cost could be lowered just a bit. Other boxes this price still have a few more goodies, and the name LiteBox seems to imply a beginner option that should be priced a bit more comparatively with the amount of items you get. Not a ton, just lower it $5 or so…..

That’s the LiteBox, the monthly subscription box from HotBox. For only $30 this is a decent beginners option for someone who is just getting into the Dank Mail world of  monthly stoner goodies. There are a few flaws with this box, but it just barely squeaks by and gets the PNWCR Badge of Approval.












  • Great beginners box
  • Nice selection of smalls
  • Decent price


  • Glass could be better quality
  • Price could be a bit lower
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