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Product Review: Highgasm Personal Lubricant

Highgasm – the name is designed to invoke thoughts of getting high and having great sex……….something we can all enjoy and understand right? Today we’re talking about sex and personal lubricants. This may not be suitable for all audiences, but please don’t leave though, there are plenty of great reviews to read! We’re just going to be blunt here and probably have cuss words in this review, so please head to our reviews section and find one more suitable if you need to.

That being said, we all love sex.  Sadly, it’s not always the easiest thing in the world to make sure that both participants are “ready” so to speak. Woman especially can have a harder time getting their bodies to be ready for sexual encounters and to create their own lubricant. There are many factors that cause this that we won’t go into and there is an entire industry devoted to making sure that sex is fun and well lubed up.

However, let me introduce you to Highgasm. This is a personal lubricant for men and women that comes in small pouches and is infused with cannabis to enhance the sexual experience.


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As you can see in the photo, Highgasm comes in three flavors; Original (sugary glycerin flavor), Blowberry (berry flavored sugary glycerin flavor), and Cock-o-nut (coconut flavored sugary glycerin flavor).

Using Highgasm:

The first thing we liked was the fact that this is a water based lube. Oil based lubes just DESTROY condoms. If you’re single with no plans for kids, or if you plan on NOT getting infected with some nasty STI, then you just don’t want to use an oil based one. You NEED a water based lube to prevent that issue, and many of the cannabis infused ones we’ve read about are oil based. No bueno. There are enough unwanted children in this world without us cannabis consumers being as fucking stupid as the rest of the world. Stay away from oil based lubes, PLEASE!


Highgasm Ingredients
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Highgasm is a glycerin and water based lube so they win on that point for sure. Unfortunately, the glycerin is VERY cloying and its hard to handle the taste and texture on your tongue for long.

Blunt part here: To apply Highgasm, open the corner of the pouch carefully and pour a bit on your fingers or directly to the clitoris. You will be able to spread it around, and since it’s completely edible you can participate in oral sex to your hearts content, provided you can handle the flavor. You don’t need the entire pouch for a single session, unless you’re just blasting tons of lube on your partner. I’m sure they don’t appreciate that though, so be sparing unless you’ve licked it all off!

The “Highgasm” Effect:

According to the website you should apply Highgasm about 15 – 20 minutes before you are ready to participate in intercourse. It’s totally edible, so you can easily fill that time by going down on your partner and “tasting” the experience, so to speak. Not only is it supposed to increase your sexual experience, it is also supposed to actually get you high from what they claim and other reports I’ve read.

After about a half an hour you’re left with a tacky feeling as your body absorbs the water and leaves the glycerin behind to dry on your skin. This was a very unsettling feeling, and combined with the overwhelming flavor we just didn’t have that great of a time.


We didn’t really notice a body high (we’re regular consumers so it takes a lot to get us high), nor did it increase our libido really. The glycerin is cloying as well, we were only able to use the lubricant for about 15 minutes before we just decided to clean up and go back to our go-to lubricant, Sativa Valley’s Uphoria.

Unfortunately, Highgasm doesn’t quite live up to the hype. I read a couple of reviews that made me very excited to try this, but in the end the glycerin left you feeling tacky and the taste became very overwhelming while giving no real perceived “high” or sexual enhancement. New cannabis consumers may feel something, but there are better options out there. This DID NOT meet our review requirements and DOES NOT receive the PNW Badge of Approval.










  • Glycerin based


  • Strong cloying flavor
  • Doesn't deliver the high they claim