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Product Review: Hemplight Spooly Lighter Case

Thank you for joining us for another review PNW followers! We bring you another item that has come out due to legalization and industrialization of cannabis, the Hemplight Spooly lighter case. This case comes with a spool of hemp wick included and allows you to feed hemp wick up the back of the lighter case to let you smoke your bowls without tasting or inhaling the burning butane fumes that conventional lighters use.

Quoted from their site: “Hemplights offers the original and only hemp wick lighters on the market. We only use natural hemp wick, dipped in beeswax, providing an organic, suitable alternative to butane lighters, matches, and other unhealthy lighting methods.”

Let’s see how they hold up shall we?

The Hemplight Spooly

hemplight spoolyThis is a plastic unit that is designed to slide over a mini Bic lighter. It makes it as big as a normal Bichemplight spooly lighter at that point, which is nice because the mini Bic lighters are super annoying and small for big hands like mine.

As you can see in the photo, the hemp wick sits above the flame so it’s easy to get lit and use to burn a bowl instead of the fuel burning flame. The hemp wick is a spool that fits in the bottom of the case where the extra space is from the little lighter.

You feed the hemp wick through the slot in the side and up the back of the case and the cap snaps into the bottom to hold it all in place.

To use the Hemplight case, you just use your thumb to feed the hempwick up the back of the case as it’s consumed and when you are done with the flame pull down just a bit and it will snuff itself. It was pretty nice to use to be honest, but there are some flaws with this product. Let’s go ahead to move onto those, yeah?


First off, the lighter DOES NOT fit into the case correctly. It’s very loose and if you tip it over or hand it off too fast then you’re throwing the lighter. Not too awesome in my opinion and immediately makes this very low quality in my opinion.

Second, the hemp wick doesn’t really slide as easily that they said it would. When attempting to pull the hemp wick back down to snuff it out it just doesn’t slide very well and binds up easily.

hemplight spooly

As you see in the photo above, the spool just doesn’t roll backwards when you’re trying to back feed the hemp wick. This is another flaw for us.

Lastly, it’s cheap plastic. Accidentally drop it and step on it, or maybe just drop it from a high enough area, and you’re gonna break the plastic. Also, the plastic just doesn’t mold well to the metal “snuffer” so I’m worried that eventually it will fall out of the case from repeated use. The metal is a bit loose in there and feels very janky.

There you go PNW followers! That’s the Hemplight lighter case from Hemplights. We stopped using this as soon as we finished testing this and just wrap our hemp wick around a lighter and call it good. There is no reason to pay for something like this when the quality just isn’t there. Maybe if they create a better unit, maybe one with a roller for the hemp wick and fits the lighters better, then we could revisit this then. For now, these DO NOT PASS THE TESTING REQUIREMENTS AND DO NOT RECEIVE THE PNWCR BADGE OF APPROVAL.






Ease of use





  • Makes a mini Bic easier to hold
  • Keeps your hemp wick with you


  • Cheap materials
  • Janky construction
  • Not really worth price