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Subscription Review: Hemper Box

Well, hello there PNW readers! Thanks for joining us, we appreciate all of your support and shares!!

We here today with the Hemper Box. We received their August box, and we were excited to unpack this one because it is sponsored by YouTube personality, Jane Dro. She’s a big name in the cannabis review and video community, and I was stoked to see what special item she packed in these boxes……

As always, check out the unpack video above to see everything we got and then continue to read below for our thoughts on what we got.

The Hemper Box:

Like other subscriptions, this arrives in a very discreet plain box so the postman won’t know what you’re getting. Like the others we’ve shown you so far, you get a comment card inside that details everything that comes in the box. We didn’t bother taking a picture of that card this time, you can see it in the video.

Tightly packed in the box are the several items that were included in this months’ box, check out the composite shot below courtesy of Didge Falzon on Pintrest!

hemper august

The Contents:

There weren’t a lot of smalls in this box, and as we’ve said before this could be either a good thing or a bad thing. In prior boxes it was a bad idea to not include them as the box itself had a lower value than we expected, however this time it was a nice thing. We got plenty of items and smalls aren’t high up on our priority list!


The only real smalls that came in it were the pin and the sticker shown above. Very nice move since they included a ton of smoking supplies! We pulled out a RAW joint pack. That included a RAW branded Clipper lighter, a RAW Hydrostone, and a RAW cone pack.



Finally, to round off the RAW products they included a RAW double barrel joint holder. This lets you smoke two joints at one time, what’s better for a party?!


This made from wood and it was a nice addition to a joint smokers box.

Moving on, we got a few more smoking items……I said this was joint and blunt focused didn’t I? You get some king sized Element papers with a pack of crutches that aren’t pre-rolled. They also included some Juicy Jay “Stick Candy” flavored joint papers and a pack of peach flavored blunt wraps.


Neither of us here on the PNWCR team smoke tobacco, so we haven’t been able to test out any blunt wraps. Honestly, I wish these cannabis boxes would be a bit more health conscious and include something beside blunt wraps. Let’s not push this kiddy, stoner mentality any more….PLEASE! We’ve had this same line in other box reviews, and it still stands!! Give me a box that isn’t so joint and blunt focused, haven’t we learned that smoking tobacco is bad for us, m-kay…….

We like hemp wicks for lighting so you don’t inhale butane and they’re included in every box, but Hemper didn’t just stop at the RAW hemp wick. They also included some Bee Lasso products; their hemp wick, their lip and glass balm, and a slap.


We’ll do a review to let you know how that compares to the RAW and Hemplight hemp wicks soon. So far, we’ve enjoyed the lip balm but we haven’t tested that against glass. We prefer Toob Loob, and we’ll let you know how Bee Lasso stands against it in an upcoming review.

Lets get down to the heart of the August Hemper Box. This month’s box was sponsored by YouTube personality Jane Dro, and there was a special glass pieces included for your enjoyment. This is a glass blunt. The end with the mouthpiece slides out as you fill the other end with your herb. You then smoke it like a chillum, but you push on the end with the mouthpiece to shove the ashes out of the end you loaded with flower. No more sucking through ass bowls full of ash to get to the herb left in the bottom.


The glass is quality glass that isn’t too thin or too thick. The mouthpiece has some nice red and black swirls and is the right size for your mouth. I’m not a huge fan of dry smoking, but I could clearly see that this a quality piece of glass.


Let’s check value vs. purchase price, yeah?

Blunt Wraps – $1, maybe $2
RAW paper, hydrostone, and Clipper lighter – $5
RAW Double Barrel joint holder – $10
Bee Lasso hemp wick and multi-balm – $5
Glass Blunt -$25

This makes the total value of the box about $45 with the subscription for this box $20. This is a great value, the contents retail for more than double the cost of the box. This is the quintessential joint smokers box, with most of the items made for joints or blunts, including the glass!

That’s the Hemper Box PNW fans! Thanks for joining us for another subscription review, and this one is definitely worth the monthly price if you’re into joints or blunts. If you’re looking for glass, you can order their “Glassentials” monthly box, or look to one of the other monthly boxes we’ve reviewed that are more glass focused. Don’t forget to share and come back for more reviews!

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  • Worth more than cost
  • High quality items
  • Discreet
  • A couple of different subscription options


  • No real items for people who don't smoke joints