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What is Hempcrete?

So, what is hempcrete? The infographic below says it all….

Photo Courtesy: Education Not Medication

Thanks to Education not Medication for the graphic above. Hempcrete is an amazing combination of hemp hurds (the woody interior pulp of the hemp plant), lime and water. It’s super durable, flame resistant, made from renewable resources, and the best part is that it’s carbon-neutral! Growing and harvesting the hemp sequesters the carbon dioxide that would otherwise be released during decay.

When I say fire resistant…..what I mean is that this shit barely burns! Watch this video to see what we mean!

There are a great many benefits to using Hempcrete over other building materials. Some of the many benefits of using Hempcrete are listed below:

  1. Environmentally friendly
  2. Low carbon footprint
  3. Extremely windproof
  4. Excellent insulation
  5. Non Hazardous to work with
  6. Low thermal Conductivity
  7. Fully recyclable
  8. Durability
  9. Natural pest resistance
(Source: Hempcrete Australia)

There are so many benefits to be had from using Hempcrete as a building material that it really is difficult to understand why anyone would use anything else.

For those naysayers who want to vilify hemp along with cannabis, do some research! You don’t smoke or ingest hemp to get high, there isn’t enough THC for that at all. This is just the best renewable resource we have going forward!!!

We at PNW CannaReviews truly believe that this is the building material we should all switch too!! Read more here!