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Medibles Review: Grumpy Monkey’s Caramels

Thanks for joining us PNW fans, today we are bringing you a review of Grumpy Monkey's caramels!! Meet Mr. Grumpy Monkey.....the face for Grumpy Monkey's Edibles & Medibles.




This pup is an awesome little dude and the mascot for an amazing medibles company. Let's talk about the caramels they make shall we?!

The Caramels:

Grumpy Monkey uses quality ingredients and no preservatives so you get some awesome tasting caramels that aren't full of junk. They don't spend a lot on labeling, passing that savings on to the medical marijuana patients they serve in Oregon.




We really liked the ransom note font they used however, and the only negative on their labeling is that they don't post the strength of their medibles. I had to ask later, after I had already sampled these and tested their flavor and effects.

The Taste:

These are some of the best caramels I've ever tasted. There is no graininess or grittiness that you can find in caramels that are cooked too hot, these are rich and creamy and definitely hit the spot when your sweet tooth is on a rampage!




The High:

The high you get from these is mellow. These had 40 milligrams of THC, and there was little head high. It all centered in my body and legs and as a medical marijuana patient for extreme back and leg pain myself, let me be the first to recommend these for any nerve pain you may be having. These deadened the nerves quite well and the pressure I feel from my degenerated discs was cut by about 70%. These are great day time meds, but if you're looking for something to put you to sleep these probably aren't for you.


I can't really complain too much about these caramels. The only real flaw was not having the THC and other cannabinoid percentages on their labels so we knew how much we were taking.

There you go PNW followers, Grumpy Monkey's Edibles & Medibles caramels. I highly recommend this product to any patient looking for pain relief or to take the edge off. These definitely made the PNWCR Approved list.













  • Quality ingredients
  • Great flavor
  • Mellow body high
  • Amazing pain relief


  • Dosage not on packaging
  • Only available in Oregon currently
  • Not available in every shop in Oregon