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Product Review: Grind Phoenician Large 4-piece Rasta Grinder

Hello there PNW fans! Thanks for reading another of our many reviews. As many of you know, I REALLY enjoy smoking a joint and I HATE to use my fingers to break up the herb. Our favorite grinder on the market so far is our Space Case titanium grinder, and today we’re going to check out another one that we came across: The Grind Phoenician Large 4-piece Rasta Grinder.

Grind Phoenician is attempting to get a lock on the medical market by providing “medical grade” equipment for medical cannabis patients. Quoted from their website:

Most notably, we have implemented a comprehensive cleaning, decontamination and sterilization methodology under a clean room environment for every device we create. Collectively, these processes differentiate our products not only with regard with our efforts in ISO conformance but also with our commitment to setting the medical-grade benchmark.

The very first thing that we noticed is that these are EXPENSIVE. The medium grinder goes for $90, and the large version we tested was $145 for the rasta version and $135 for solid colored versions. We’ll discuss pricing more below, but I can definitely say this may be one of the most expensive manual grinders I’ve ever seen!

The Look:

When I unpacked this from the box I was surprised to find the grinder wrapped in a sealed bag looking like it was a tattoo needle just pulled from the autoclave. I read that they clean and sterilize their equipment before shipping, but this seemed like overkill for a grinder.


This is a SUPER lightweight grinder, so if you’re looking for something with heft and weight this is not the grinder for you. Although this is made from aerospace grade aluminum, it feels like you would put a HUGE dent in the thing if you dropped it.

Keeping in line with their mission to become the standard in clean, safe medical equipment they serialize all of their grinders.


I’m really not sure what the reason behind this is beyond protecting a high cost item. I don’t have serial number on my Space Case, and it’s way better quality than the Grind Phoenician grinder. The main difference is cost, and if you’re going to drop $1500 on their Elite series you definitely want a serial number to track I would guess!

One cool thing about this grinder is the storage area for your rolling papers. There is a slot in the top of the grinder that you slide the pack of papers in and just pull them out of the top like tissue!


That little depression in that image above……a built in ashtray. Yeah….really. Now, I would NEVER use that as an ashtray. Too much mess and I’m too clean of a stoner to ever let something like that get used and create some mess.

At least this is a 4 piece grinder so you get a pollen storage area below a small micron screen with a plastic scooper to get it out of the grinder. The scooper is very thin plastic punched out in the shape of a guitar pick. Not my favorite shape for a pollen scoop, but better than some I’ve tested.

grind phoenician rasta grinder                                      Image courtesy of Grind Phoenician

Check out the image above, as you see they have an awesome Fibonacci spiral supporting the pollen screen. This little aesthetic really spoke to me, I love the spiral and how they incorporated it! That section can also be rebuilt, GP provides rebuild kits to extend the life of your grinder.


You can choose the size of the pollen screen mesh and replace your screen when it begins to break down. Being able to rebuild the grinder is really the only justification I could find for the large expense, but even that fell flat honestly.

Let’s move on to actually using the grinder shall we?

Using the grinder:

This was a large grinder! Our go-to grinder is a bit smaller but more durable so we were a bit disappointed when we started using the GP grinder.


Sadly, even though we had more volume to grind our herb with the teeth just don’t shred the herb like we wanted it to! Look at the top plate below, see how many gaps there are between the teeth?


It looks like they tried to also include the Fibonacci spiral in the shape of the teeth here, but sadly they left too many gaps for our preference. The herb didn’t get “ground”, it got shredded into strips that reminded me of tobacco for cigarettes. I vaporize using my Arizer Air quite a bit and these strips didn’t work well for that and didn’t heat evenly. I had to regrind the herb in my other grinder to get the right consistency for even heating. Something to think about……


The first negative is the cost. For $145 this grinder just isn’t worth the purchase in my opinion! Especially their Elite series…..I mean COME THE HELL ON NOW!!! No grinder should EVER run $500-1500. Never, ever, ever!!! I’ve come across electric grinders cheaper than these so I can’t recommend anyone pay for these unless you’re the type that believes the bigger price tag equals a better product….that just isn’t true here.

Second, the aluminum isn’t the same quality and durability as a titanium grinder. This goes back to the cost thing, these are more expensive than a titanium grinder but don’t have the same quality. There are also less teeth than many conventional grinders and you end up with strings of weed instead of ground herb that will heat evenly in a vaporizer.

Lastly, the threads don’t bind well. The ground herb catcher is very loose and has come off when it slipped out of my hands. Thankfully I didn’t have anything in there or else I would have had a HUGE mess with ground flower all over my table and floors.

There you have it PNW fans, the Grind Phoenician Large 4-piece Rasta grinder. This is a mid-quality aluminum grinder that they want to pass off as high quality but it’s still just aluminum! Even aircraft grade aluminum just can’t stand up to the quality and durability of a titanium grinder. This would have rated as high as the Tommy Chong grinder from Futurola, but the price tag forced us to rate it too low. This grinder DOES NOT receive the PNWCR Badge of Approval!




Ease of Use









  • Pollen Catcher
  • Larger size
  • Sterilized before shipping
  • Holds papers
  • Built-in ashtray


  • Threads don't grip well
  • Aluminum binds when sticky
  • Doesn't break up buds fully
  • Less teeth than many models