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Subscription Review: Green Bake Box

Thanks for joining us again PNWCR followers for another review out of the gorgeous Pacific Northwest!

Today’s review is for the Green Bake Box, another monthly subscription box that has shown up on the scene of the emerging cannabis industry. These guys had some unique characteristics in terms of packaging but if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all at this point.

As always, check out the unpack video above to see everything we got and then continue to read below for our thoughts on what we got.

The Green Bake Box:

Like other subscriptions, this arrives in a very discreet plain box so the postman won’t know what you’re getting.Like the others they include a comment card, but instead of it being a separate piece of cardboard for you to recycle it was just a sticker on the top inside cover of the box.



Like the rest of the boxes we’ve shown you this comes with 8-10 items for your enjoyment.



This box is definitely for the more “stoner” crowd. It came with a bunch of munchies and other goodies, including shit like Clear Eyes.


The Contents:

I don’t really know how to explain this box. From start to finish this screamed STONER!!!!! It will probably be successful in the emerging kiddy recreational market, but I didn’t really like the focus. If you have read any of my reviews, you know I wish the industry would grow up a bit……but let’s move on, shall we?

When we open the box you see everything is covered by some green tissue paper.



This VW bus sticker was the first sign we were in for something stonerish, but I tried to keep an open mind. Then, we pull out these smalls:


I guess I can’t really complain about a pot leaf sticker in a cannabis themed box, but matches….really? Do you enjoy inhaling sulphur? I don’t, not even to light a joint. These went into our pile of useless goodies we’ve gotten out of these subscription boxes.

Instead of being spammed with the typical joint supplies, all we pulled out was a glass joint tip like the OG Tip that we love and some Elements papers.


The box for the papers had a magnetic closure, and the nerdy side of us thought that was pretty cool.

Next we pulled out a container and a lighter. The container was the standard container you get from any dispensary or for any medication really. Not really airtight or smell proof, and again not really worth including honestly when some of the other boxes include awesome glass stash jars.


The light was kinda cool I guess. It was a low quality electronic start lighter that tends to break right away, but it was refillable so I guess it is ok. The coolest thing about it is that there is a light on the bottom side.


The light cycled through blue, red, flashing, and strobe so you had something to entertain you when you’re high AF. See the trend toward the recreational stoner here? They keep that going by adding some Clear Eyes redness relief…….I haven’t needed to use something like this for a long time, but new smokers will probably still need to if they’re hiding their use.


This box had a few RAW items, and we’re fans. RAW is one of our favorite joint brands, and they don’t disappoint with their selection of items! As seen below, we also received a bamboo rolling mat and some RAW branded hemp wick.


Like many of the boxes we’ve opened you get a bunch of joint supplies. I wish more of these were water-pipe focused, but what can you do right? We pulled out were Elements supplies. We got an entire Elements smoker’s pack with papers, pre-rolled joint tips, and a cardboard scooper to help scoop your ground flower into your roller or papers.


Ok, to round of their whole “stoner” vibe, they included some munchies. And not just any munchies. Fruit roll-up style fruit chews and some Potato Stix snacks.


These fruit chews are crappy products that don’t really have any real nutritional value to them at all. So are the Potato Stix snacks, I mean come on! Just writing this article irritates me with how stonerish they decided to make this box. To each his own though, right?


Like the other boxes, they added some Zig Zag peach blunt wraps. As you may know, neither of us here on the PNWCR team smoke tobacco, so we’ll never have reviews for these but we’ll have some blunt gift packs to give away to friends lol.

Ok, so let’s get down to the big item of the box. The glass. It’s what we all want to see and GBB didn’t disappoint to be honest.


Look at that spiral in the center! This is one of the most unique pipes we’ve come across, especially in these boxes. Not that it’s perfect. Its very thin and will easily break, there is a brass screen in the bowl and there is a weird mushroom graphic on the one end. It’s just the coolest looking we’ve seen in a while.


Let’s check value vs. purchase price, yeah?

  • Elements papers, tips, and crutches – $5
  • Blunt Wraps – $1, maybe $2
  • RAW rolling mat and hemp wick – $5
  • Lighter with light – $5
  • Clear Eyes – $2.50
  • Container – $0.50
  • Munchies – $2.50
  • Pipe – $20

That’s a total of what, about $35? While it is worth more than the $30 the box costs to subscribe monthly, it’s not really worth the value of the individual month sub. If you’re into this type of box you need to at least subscribe to the 3 month sub to get any real value.

There you go PNW fans, the last of the monthly boxes in this first series of reviews. We don’t recommend the Green Bake Box unless it was a gag gift or something, this isn’t something that a connoisseur of cannabis would be interested in . This box DOES NOT pass the PNW CannaReview testing and review process.











  • Unique glass
  • Rolling mat included


  • Kid like and
  • Low quality glass
  • Low nutritional snacks