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Glass Review: Stoned Mason from Glass Lung Pipes

Glass Review: Stoned Mason from Glass Lung Pipes
Glass Review: Stoned Mason from Glass Lung Pipes

Welcome back PNWCR  fans! Today we have a review of the Stoned Mason from Glass Lung Pipes. This is a water bong made from a quart sized mason jar and we REALLY wanted it to be something awesome!

Glass Review: Stoned Mason from Glass Lung PipesThe Stoned Mason

The body is a quart sized mason jar with an aerator like you could expect for a small fish tank attached to a hole in the lid that the mouthpiece attaches to as well. The jar is filled with aquarium stones like you can get at any dollar store and the mouthpiece is a low quality hookah hose you can get for like $10 at any head shop or even cheaper if you order from China.

The unique part of the bong is the 3D printed lid. It’s specially designed for the mouthpiece and the bowl (or banger for an additional $25) to fit into and the aerator attaches to the bottom of the special port.

Using the Stoned Mason

To assemble the bong you insert the aerator (which is attached to the lid) and then put the rocks into the bong evenly covering the aerator for even diffusion. Fill with water to just above the Ball logo and attach the hose and insert the bowl into the other opening. Draw on the hose like you would a hookah and take a smooth, even hit. The stones add a HUGE amount of diffusion which cools the smoke and filters it well. You have to have some large lungs as there is quite the distance to draw through with the long hose.

You can use a banger for to turn this into a dab rig like we did on camera, they even sell them on the website. We preferred to hit that way, the long hose left flower smoke tasting just a bit stale by the time it reached our mouths.


To use this you have to be VERY careful as you fit the rocks into the bong without dislodging the hose from the lid. Be warned, we weren’t careful and pulled it apart on accident and while it fit back snugly enough to take a hit but it doesn’t fit tightly anymore and will fall out.

Once you have the rocks in you fill it with water to just about the Ball logo on the side of the jar. If you go much further than that then you pull water into the hose. This will cause discoloration as the resin from your flower builds up inside with repeatedly having too much water. That will turn that orange color into an awesome brown color won’t it!

The draw does give a nice hit that is pretty cool, but the long hose does leave it tasting a bit stale. This doesn’t happen while dabbing though. Cleaning this is an issue though. Not that it’s difficult, we just add our Weed Wipes to the water like usual. However, there ARE a lot of rocks and parts that need to be cleaned and that sucks.

In the end this doesn’t quite stand up to the challenge and DOES NOT receive the PNWCR Badge of Approval. There are too many flaws with the functionality and you can build this low quality stoner tech for under $15 (just punch a couple of holes in the lid of an actual Ball jar and put in a few grommets to create a seal). This may end up being our most unpopular review, but we can’t in all honestly recommend this product. This comes in at 6.7/10 which isn’t a bad score but doesn’t quite made the connoisseur grade we expect.

Stoned Mason from Glass Lung Pipes










Ease of cleaning



  • Smooth, even hit
  • Tons of diffusion


  • Low tech for high price
  • Seals don't fit tight
  • Mouthpiece is low quality plastic
  • Hard to clean
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