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Glass Review: #DailyDabber from Grow by Dro

Glass Review: #DailyDabber from Grow by Dro

Thanks to the team over at Highly Innovative (makers of the awesome Bong Buddy!), we got to test and review the #DailyDabber from Grow by Dro! Endorsed and loved by Jane Dro herself, this dab rig is the matching companion to the #DailyDriver bong (you saw that in our March #myTHCbox).

Let’s talk about the rig shall we:


The rig is 5″ tall with a mouthpiece that comes off the side. It comes with a dome and a tiny ass glass nail that sits in a 10mm joint. It’s lightweight, easy to handle, and doesn’t use a ton of glass in the construction. Its blown in Southern California so you don’t have to worry that the lightweight design means its crappy glass from China.


The price point is pretty good too. You can buy it in their shop for only $75. I’ve seen rigs of this style go for around $125 or more in the headshops around Eugene, so I consider this a great deal for American made glass!


The first flaw was how close the nail was to you. I’m a big dude and I’m either going to have to invest in a drop down or a domeless nail like you saw in the video. The plus side is that the price point is low enough that the rig and a drop down are cheaper than buying the same rig alone in a headshop.

The next flaw is the seam where the mouthpiece and body meet. You can visibly see and feel it making that the weak spot. It’s a flaw of mass production, but hopefully their blower will get better at hiding that.

Huge thanks to the team over at Grow by Dro for letting us test out their awesome dab rig! It had a couple flaws but in the end we really enjoyed using this dab rig! It will become one of our #DailyDabbers for sure!! This earns the PNWCR Badge of Approval and is a great gift just in time for the holidays! Get one today!

Glass Review: #DailyDabber from Grow by Dro








Ease of Use



  • Looks great
  • Made in the US
  • Not too expensive


  • Nail very close to face
  • Needs a drop down or different nail
  • Seam for mouthpiece and body a bit weak and visible
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