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Gil’s Indoor/Outdoor Grow Experiement (Day 50 Update) – If you dig my grow videos with a big shovel, hit thumbs up and subscribe! Thanks

This is the second video I’ve made showcasing the small indoor/outdoor project I’ve undertaken that revolves around a dozen seeds I was lucky enough to find in a really nice non-sweet purple indica type of bud. I have been posting about these plants for a little while now on Facebook, but figured that they are at a point now that they look pretty enough for your viewing pleasure here on the NugPorn channel.

If you have questions about my little grow project, feel free to ask here in the comments. I’ll do my best to answer, but it may take a second (minute, hour, day, etc). If you want to see still photos of these plants, and keep track of my regular updates, add me on Facebook. Search for Gil Nugporn. Thanks for watching! Peace – Gil

Some specifics for those who care…
Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, Fox Farm Grow Big GB, Fox Farm Big Bloom BB, Fox Farm Tiger Bloom TB, H&G Roots Excelurator RE

04/06/12 Seeds germinated in moist paper towels
04/11/12 Seed Sprouted
04/18/12 Transplant to small cocoa pots (RE, GB)
05/07/12 Transplant to larger cocoa pots (RE, GB)
05/14/12 Begin to sex plants (RE, BB, TB)
05/28/12 Five females showing
05/28/12 Transplanted 3 females into 6″ pots, and one lucky lady into a 3 gallon smart pot.
06/04/12 Fed BB/TB/RE
06/11/12 Fed BB/TB
06/18/12 Fed BB/TB
06/21/12 Shot first video
06/25/12 Fed BB TB Last feeding for three ladies in 6″ pots.
06/26/12 Begin flush of 6″ potted plants
06/28/12 Last feed of TB to largest lady
07/02/12 Shot Day 50 video
Coming soon?!?!?!?! Stay tuned…

Song Information
Artist: El Centro
Song: Intro (Intro to the Prohibido CD)