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Product Review: Greenlight Vapes G9 Classic Mini Enail

Hows it going PNW fans! Thanks for joining us for another review. We were VERY excited to be able to test out the G9 Classic Mini E-nail from Greenlight Vapes, an enail and dabbing accessory company out of Hong Kong.

Taken from their website:

"G9 Classic Mini Enail is a revolutionary device for every serious vaper. It allows you precise temperature control over the heat of your nail, meaning that you can enjoy a more flavoursome, healthier vapour than ever possible before."

Unit includes:

  • 1 X Modular padding carrying case
  • 1 X Digitial Heating & Temperate Reading Unit 
  • 1 X 5 ft. long black Kevlar coil
  • 1X 1.8 m long power cord
  • 1X Lifetime Warranty

Despite the spelling errors, they weren't that far off. This lets you set your temperature anywhere from 250 degrees all the way up to an unheard of 1400+ degrees!! We didn't take it all the way up, at 1100 degrees the coil was so red that I didn't want to damage it or my dab rig.

Now, I LOVE my concentrates and have wanted to test out one of these for a long time. I've wanted to ditch the torch for a bit now, and having an electrical unit that keeps a consistent temperature is the next step for a true dabber! Let's show you the unit, yeah? Give the video above a watch and then continue on for some specifics.

Unpacking the G9 Mini Enail:

You receive the mini enail in a convenient metal carrying case. The case isn't as durable as a Pelican case by any means, but it's better than nothing. I even dropped it and didn't dent or ding the case, so you can rest assured that the case is decently made.

g9 mini enail carrying case

The case is filled with protective foam padding as well so you don't have to worry about your electronic unit sliding around or getting damaged.

g9 foam padding

When you open the case you see some instructions on how to use it. They're aren't very clear because it's an Asian company trying to translate to English, but you'll notice that this sheet has the instructions for both types of displays their units have. A one sized fits all sort of instruction sheet.

g9 instructions

Under the instructions you pull out the nail, coil, power cord, and carb cap. The coil is made from durable Tungsten steel and the nail and carb cap are made from titanium.


The unit is electric so you have a display with several buttons that allow you to set the temperature and see exactly where your temp is! No more heating your nail and holding your hand over it to guess that the temp is right for your dabs!

g9 mini display

The instructions say that it goes from 0 - 999 degrees but I was able to increase it to 1200 degrees before I got scared of the heat and backed it way off again. I didn't wanna break my dab rig having the nail get entirely too hot!

Moving on, the back of the unit has the power port and switch, a removable fuse that you can replace in the event of a power surge, and a USB port!

g9 mini rear plate

We thought the USB port was cool since we were tying up a power plug in the house. Sadly, we plugged our cell phone into it and there was no charge and no power going through the port. We're not sure why the included it, but they lost points on quality because it didn't work at all.

20151014_203701_Richtone(HDR)The nail and carb cap are made from titanium and can handle the heat well. You have to be careful not20151014_203620_Richtone(HDR) to leave the cap on the nail for too long though, it transfers the heat very quickly up the dabbing tool and it will get too hot to handle quickly!

As you can see from the nail to the right, the titanium discolors right away. The darker bands are from the coil and happened on the first use. It stays cleaner than a nail with a torch though, so I'm not complaining about the discoloration too much!

One issue with the nail is that it doesn't heat evenly. We're spoiled and have a great titanium nail already from Trilltech and so we were disappointed to know that your dabs don't melt evenly across the top of this nail. I'm not sure if it's due to the coil or the cheaper quality of the titanium used in the nail, but it definitely affects the use of the unit and you quickly learn where to place your concentrates on the nail.

Using the G9 Mini Enail:

Set up can take quite a bit and honestly it's faster and easier at times to just bust out the torch and Dabstraw! This unit really needs a dedicated spot in your sesh area that lets you just keep it out and ready to go. The cord for the coil is very stiff and packing it in the case causes kinks in the cord that become a pain to deal with. You also have to pay attention to the power cord. It fits in the back tightly and if you don't give it that extra shove the display will blink in and out and look like it's going on the fritz. Trust me, I had a panic moment when that happened!

You have to play with the temperatures for you to know the best temp to get. The pic below is the preset temperature the unit arrived's like they knew we were gonna dab some oil or something!!

g9 screen

We prefer to run our unit at 670 degrees, we dabbed quite a bit at 666 degrees just for fun lol! For us 680 degrees or higher created a hot metallic flavor that we didn't like and down to 645 or so and we weren't vaporizing all of the oil we put on the nail. We found our middle ground and you will have to too!


There were a few flaws with both the unit and the pricing.

The nail doesn't heat evenly and if you heat it hot enough you taste the metallic taste of mid-quality titanium. Our Trilltech nail doesn't give off that flavor no matter how hot we get it, and this is a big flaw in my book as I love to taste my dabs.

The USB port on the back is useless from what we can tell. Nothing plugged into the back of the unit received power, so I'm not sure why they included it. Some points were lost here as well.

Lastly, the pricing is an issue. This is a GREAT introductory piece and should be priced comparably! However, you see that it's $239.00 on their website, but you can find the same unit on DHGate for as low as $108.00! While I believe in buying direct and not from Chinese wholesellers, this unit shouldn't cost more than $125 for a beginner unit so their pricing falls a bit short too!

There you go PNW fans! Our first Enail/Dnail review and we hope to be able to review more in the future for you! The Greenlight Vapes G9 Classic Mini Enail just barely receives our PNWCR Badge of Approval, and if the pricing was a bit better this would have rated a little higher. We'd like to see the titanium nail be a bit better quality and the USB port actually work, but this was a nice beginners unit for those looking to go torchless! See you next time!






Ease of Use





  • Torchless
  • Consistent temperatures
  • Convenient carrying case


  • USB port doesn't work
  • Nail doesn't heat evenly
  • Pricing a bit skewed