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Concentrate Review: Fat Pack’s Royal Master Kush Sugar Wax

Hello there PNW followers. Jon here, and I'm back with another strain review! Over the last couple of days we've had the pleasure of sampling some excellent sugar wax we picked up from Fat Pack, the concentrate line from Phat Dawg Pharms out of Oregon that provides medicine for Oregon Medical Marijuana dispensaries. They have several strain options available and we got to try out their Royal Master Kush.


The Look:

Take a look at that box above. See something unique? We did, as soon as we saw the packaging in the shop........guessed it yet? That's right, that box says 1.2 grams, not 1 gram. That's because EVERY SINGLE box from Phat Dawg weighs 1.2! No chincey grams from this farm, no way! It's like they're sayin, "take an extra dab on us, you won't regret it!"


Like most concentrates you purchase as a dispensary now-a-days, this one comes in a silicone container that has a tight fight and doesn't let your waxes or shatters stick to the sides. Their's is branded with their logo instead of generic injection-molding color options, and we dig their tag line, "From soil to oil".

The Experience:

The Master Kush is very nice looking! It has a golden sugar consistency, and amazingly enough it SMELLS just like the plant. We've been around several phenotypes of Master Kush over the years and this wax smelled just like it. Kudos for sure, and we knew we were in for a good experience when that smell hit our nose.


The wax is EXTREMELY tasty and clean! It quickly vaporzied and left a great taste behind. It was spicy on the inhale with a citrus like, almost lemony flavor on the exhale. I mean, look at the pic below.....did you think we were gonna say this was anything other than badass?


The high is typical of a heavy indica, however the mental effects are a bit sativa-esqe. You can expect a full body high that can make you want to melt into your chair, but it doesn't fuzz your head or make you want to crash. This is a great day time dab. However, don't let the 70% THC fool you, this packs a punch as big as a 85% percentage. Medicinally, this is one of the best pain killers I've found and I'll be keeping myself in stock of this strain from now on. Also, for those who have sleeping or headache issues, this is a great go-to strain as well!

Normally I would have a flaw category here because nothing's perfect really, but I left it out here. I can't really find a single thing wrong with this company or it's concentrates other than they don't have full market immersion at this point and it can be hard to find in certain areas.

That's what we though of Phat Dawg Pharm's Fat Pack of Master Kush sugar wax. This is a quality extract, but it has definitely claimed it's spot in our top 5 concentrates that we've had a chance to test. It's medicinal benefits have been HUGE for a patient who suffers from severe pain daily (me, who else did you think?!), and it's one of my favorite highs to date. You'll find them most easily in Talent, Oregon at Green Valley Wellness and in a few dispensaries around the state.

Tired of tane soups?!

Find out where to grab a Fat Pack now!











  • Amazing flavor
  • Smells just like the plant
  • Perfect high


  • Hard to find