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Product Review: FORTUNE Brand Pre-roll Cones

Product Review: FORTUNE Brand Pre-roll Cones

Product Review: FORTUNE Brand Pre-roll Cones

Hey there PNW fans! Thank you for joining us for a new product review! I am feel very fortunate to be able to bring you this reveal video! Introducing FORTUNE brand pre-roll cones!

When we talk about top shelf packaging and branding that could be seen anywhere from the mountains to the boardroom, this is exactly what we mean. From sustainable packaging to exceptional marketing, you want to buy a pack of FORTUNEs as soon as you see them.

Product Review: FORTUNE Brand Pre-roll Cones

Image Courtesy: FORTUNE brand

In the slide out pack you find:

  • 4 expertly rolled pre-rolled cones in unbleached paper
  • 1 expertly rolled pre-rolled cone in a Shine brand 24k paper inside of a glass tube
  • 1 pack of sulfur free matches. These are black, not red, and burn quickly but you don’t have to worry about a lighter!

Product Review: FORTUNE Brand Pre-roll Cones

Image Courtesy: FORTUNE brand

On the back of the packaging you see a neat little quote and the test results on a fold out flap along with all the required warnings and farm info in Oregon. I won’t ruin the surprise on the fold out, you’ll have to buy a pack to find out for yourself! You also get this cool little sticker, you’ll definitely be seeing this on our slap mirror!

There’s the swami himself!
Image Courtesy: FORTUNE brand

Winter Solstice Blend

The cones are rolled with a 50/50 blend of Gorilla Glue #4 & Critical Mass. The GG4 is a high THC flower and the Critical Mass contains quite a bit of CBD! The end result is a joint with 27% THC and 10% CBD. This made for a great way to relax after a long hike up to Hiker’s Camp where we did the video!

The joints were very smooth and smoked pretty evenly except for a couple of them. The blend provided quite a cerebral high and the CBD helped to dull the nerve pain that I suffer in my left leg. These are a great option for enjoyment and pain relief!

SIDE NOTE: We expected the gold papers to taste….well, metallic. In fact, it was the exact opposite! There was no metallic or chemical flavor at all. My fiance is very chemical sensitive and she was able to smoke this without any breathing issues at all! Don’t worry about smoking these is you’re chemical intolerant, enjoy the “high” life!

As you’re smoking this blend you quickly feel it in your temples and it gives you a quick, spacey high at first. It settles in your body after about 15 minutes but still has quite a cerebral high. Colors were brighter, food tasted better, it was quite enjoyable! I’m going to have to grow some GG4 and CM in an upcoming grow journal to make a personal blend because they struck gold with this formulation!


There are only a few flaws with the FORTUNE cones. First, and the main one, is price. These go for between $70-$90 a pack depending on the store, and that’s before tax. That’s a cost of $14-18 per joint. This is where you see the cost of their branding and marketing. Honestly, they’re totally worth it though. This is how business is done across the country and as legalization happens we can’t expect to not see this type of marketing costs being added to the cost of the product. And I’ve seen totally unbranded joints, made with sugar trim, going for $12 per joint anyway so this isn’t really all that much added.

Another flaw is 2/5 joints ran. These aren’t hand-rolled so they smoke better than having your homie roll you up a “joint” but you’ll still see some running. The Shine cone smoked PERFECTLY though!

Lastly, the additional packaging means that there is more ending up in the landfill. Thankfully FORTUNE understands this and uses sustainable packaging and encourages reuse of the glass tube and the cardboard box. Roll up a few cones and slide em into the box and you have a nice travel container as long as you treat it right!

As the cannabis industry grows it will take a brand like FORTUNE to truly stand out from the crowd. They may be a bit expensive for pre-rolls, but you know you are getting quality flower (no trim here) that is expertly blended for a remarkable smoking experience. They were the perfect accompaniment to one of our first major hikes of the year, and made the evening quite enjoyable! These definitely receive the PNWCR Badge of Approval!













  • Expert Branding & Marketing
  • Well rolled cones, no falling apart
  • Sensory experience that leaves you uplifted


  • Slightly expensive for prerolls
  • 2 out of 5 ran for about half of the joint
Family man and ganjapreneur, I am an Pacific NW resident who loves to test and review cannabis related products! I love to hike, swim, and explore Oregon and the Northwest. My family and I go on plenty of adventures!