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Utensil Review: The Flic Wic

flic wic

Welcome back PNW fans! Thanks for joining us for another review straight out of the Pacific NW, and we have to say we’re happy to see this little guy! Let me introduce you to the Flic Wic! This is another lighter case light the Hemplight Spooly, but the Flic Wic team pulled if off WAY better!

If you’re like us here at PNWCR, we don’t like the taste of butane or the idea of inhaling harmful chemicals when we’re smoking our herb. Hemp wick is a popular go to, just wrapping it around your lighter so you light it and then use THAT flame to light your bowl. Check out the overview below from Flic Wic to see why they think it’s the best.

flic wic

Several companies have solidified this into an actual product, some of which we haven’t liked so much. This was way better though, so let me quickly talk about why we like the Flic Wic so much!

The Flic Wic:

The Flic Wic is designed for you to slide the mini Bic lighters into, which makes them about the same size as the regular Bic. The case has finger grooves which helps make it fit comfortably, but the sides are pretty flat so it doesn’t feel quite right.

flic wic

As you see in the photo there, the hemp wick spool fits in the bottom of the case behind a snap on cover and then feeds up the back of the case. There is a metal tube to fit the hemp wick through and a small roller to let you roll it back and forth with ease.

flic wic

Being able to roll the lit hemp wick back into the metal tube allows you to snuff it without shaking it or using your fingers. Shaking it can send embers flying, using your fingers leaves a black mark that you can wipe on other items. This is a FANTASTIC solution to this!!!


The only real flaw is that this is made from cheap plastic. Accidentally drop it and step on it, or maybe just drop it from a high enough area, and you’re gonna break the plastic. That also means that you need to be careful when snapping the cover to the hemp spool compartment so you don’t break the pegs.

There you go PNW followers! That’s the Flic Wic lighter case from Flic Wic. We enjoyed almost every aspect of this lighter case and it’s going to make some great stocking stuffers this year! It’s ability to easily light and control the hemp wick makes it a leader in the hemp wick case field!! This DEFINITELY received the PNWCR Badge of Approval!






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