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Happy Earth Day!

It’s not that often that we share others’ blog posts, but in the spirit of Earth Day we thought this was a good one to share….

As reported by the, cannabis growers are being partially blamed for the massive drought happening in California. Both legal and illegal grows are being blamed for the fact that the Sierra Nevada snow pack is only at 9 percent of it’s normal level at this time of the year…..let’s just blame pot growers instead of the other Global Warming factors such as greenhouse gases, destruction of the environment for fossil fuels, etc……

Hemp can be so many things, why are we still raping our planet? Image Credit:


High Times has this great article that discusses six ways to have your grow “greener”, including:

  • Using aquaponics
  • Using renewable energies
  • Reuse your soil
  • Use veganics – nutrients that are organic and vegan, no animal products or testing
  • Vertical farming, and
  • Never use plastics for packaging

I like their ideas, and encourage any who is able to grow their own medicines as sustainable as possible. I will be using my own aquaponics system later this year, and we’ll have an article written up about how that all worked!


Read the full article on the High Times website!