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Product Review: The Dream Concentrate Pen from The Kind Pen

Product Review: The Dream Concentrate Pen from The Kind Pen

Welcome the first review of 2017 PNW CannaReviews Fans! Thank you for joining us for the review of the The Dream Concentrate Pen from The Kind Pen. Its a bit long but we went real in depth on this new pen!

This is one of the best vaporizers we have ever reviewed! The dual rod coil is super durable and strong and is one of the strongest hitting coils we’ve ever tested! Let’s show you what we got shall we?

The Kind Pen Dream

The Dream Kit includes:

  • 1 large battery
  • 2 glass domes
  • 2 atomizers: 1 coilless w/ceramic cup and 1 dual quartz wrapped with a titanium coil
  • 1 retractable charging cord and,
  • Lifetime warranty.

The atomizer threads have an adaptable airflow which lets you control the amount of air you get in your hit. Twist the body until you’re at your perfect airflow and it works just like your favorite carb cap! This unique pen has just as a unique power button too! It’s a pressure sensitive button on the bottom of the unit. Push it with your finger and it lights up (red, yellow or green) to indicate it’s on.

There are three power modes with corresponding colors:

  • Red – Lowest temp point at 375 degrees. For terp lovers but not efficient.
  • Yellow – Mid range and a good starting place to find your preferred temp. Temp is 395 degrees
  • Green – Highest temp and my preferred temp. This is 425 degrees and at this temp the pen is a BEAST!

Tap the power button three times to switch power levels, when the button stops flashing it’s ready to use again!

This thing rips. Simple and clear, it rips. HARD. I wasn’t a big fan of the coilless cup but the dual rods ripped everytime, efficiently and cleanly. The dome is a low profile dome that has a splash guard so there aren’t any reclaim splatters all over the glass. What does forms drips back onto your coils and you vape it off cleanly.

The coil isn’t too hard to clean, but you want to be careful so I don’t feel like I ever really get it fully clean. I burn it off empty for a few seconds domeless to try to get the rest off but its not super easy.


There are a couple of flaws, but not too many.

First, balance. The unit is weighted towards the top and so it won’t stand up well on its own. Bump your table just slightly and it falls over. We broke the first dome not being careful enough, so lay yours flat.

Next, the power button. It’s a neat novelty and all being a pressure button on the bottom but it has two flaws. First, it’s awkward to hold. Second, the button will trigger on other things! I was surprised when I vaped off an entire 0.2 of concentrate and damn near fried my coil when I put it in my cup holder and PENNIES triggered it!

Last, cleaning the coils is hard and you have to be very careful to not break the wire wrap. It’s much easier to clean the cup just not the dual rod coil.

All in all this is a great vape pen and a great way to kick off 2017. We started with vape pen reviews so its only fitting we get back to our roots! This pen definitely receives the PNWCR Badge of Approval and you should get one if you’re in the market for a new pen! At $100 its a bit more expensive than some bit you get what you pay for! With a money back guarantee you can’t miss! Buy one today!




Ease of Use









  • One of the hardest hitting vape pens on the market
  • Professional and clean look
  • Low profile dome
  • Two coils to choose from
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Power button can be awkward
  • Pennies can trigger power button
  • Slightly difficult to clean coils
Family man and ganjapreneur, I am an Pacific NW resident who loves to test and review cannabis related products! I love to hike, swim, and explore Oregon and the Northwest. My family and I go on plenty of adventures!