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Dispensary Tour – Lightshade 6th Ave in Denver, CO – Recreational Marijuana Shop

Lightshade is one of the most reputable, high-end marijuana
dispensaries in Denver, serving medical and adult customers at multiple
locations in the Denver metro area, including Aurora and Lakewood.
Established in 2011, Lightshade has a reputation for growing the best
quality genetics in Colorado. With the highest THC levels in lab results
for our marijuana strains, it’s no surprise that cannabis connoisseurs
from Colorado and around the world continue to visit Lightshade for the
best weed in Denver.

If you are looking for marijuana dispensaries in
Denver or Aurora, or wondering where to buy marijuana in Colorado, you’ve found the right place.
Lightshade serves medical patients and adult customers ages 21+ at
our Peoria and Holly stores. They serve medical patients ages 18+ and
adult customers ages 21+ at their Sheridan location. Due to city
regulations, Lightshade’s 6th Ave and Havana locations serve
recreational marijuana (21+) customers only.

In addition to their retail stores, Lightshade has several
state-of-the-art marijuana growing facilities located throughout
Colorado. Lightshade’s Holly location includes a retail/medical store attached to
one of their growing facilities, and features a viewing window in the
waiting lobby where their customers can see what a professional, high-end
marijuana growing facility looks like. Lightshade’s Holly, Peoria, Sheridan,
Havana and 6th Ave stores each include a huge selection of
marijuana products, including flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures,
topicals and merchandise. Visit Lightshade today to see why the
difference is night and day between them and the other marijuana
dispensaries in Denver.


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