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Subscription Review: December #myTHCbox


Welcome back PNW fans. Thanks for joining us for another review, and we’re ending 2015 with a bang! Here is another follow-up to our Dank Mail article. Let me introduce you to the December #myTHCbox!

One thing that is a big problem with the emerging cannabis industry is the lack of professionalism. A lot of the new companies are ran by nothing more than some stoners who didn’t want a day job and thought they’d start a company. Anyone with the Internet and a bit of cash can do just about anything right now!


I was very pleasantly surprised when I received the December #myTHCbox! The packaging is discreet yet elegant, there is clearly a lot of thought put into the contents, and they provided us with a list of items that was unparalleled in any other box we’ve seen!

The December #myTHCbox

Before we dive into the box itself, I want to talk about what the #myTHCbox stands for. Many companies claim that they are about cannabis activism, but Mary and her team back it up by putting their money where they’re mouths are.

Just by subscribing you are helping those of us who are working to bring cannabis legalization to the entire country and to get the medication to those who need it instead of being chained to nasty pharmaceuticals!

This was their first box and right out the gate they donated $1,000 to activism. You can see more on their activism page, but they were supporting Parents4Pot for the December box. I’m not sure if they donated the whole grand to them, but this is only the beginning of a wonderful thing!


Like they said, they’re building a community and to do so they offer partnerships with cannabis companies and help with marketing and other services such as branding on items. Watch these guys, they’re gonna grow with this one!

So, enough gushing. You’ve watched both videos and seen the sites so lets talk about what we got…..

The Contents:

The #myTHCbox was packed full of more stuff than I’ve seen in any of the monthly subscription boxes. Its got a slightly higher monthly cost, but they offer discounts if you prepay for longer subscriptions and you DEFINITELY get what you pay for!


That’s the content card and if you look on the right there, that QR code will get you to a playlist of “smoke sesh music”. Pretty unique, and just one more reason to like this!


That’s the back of the card, with QR code to get more info on Parents4Pot and to donate if you want to. Causes like this need our help and the #myTHCbox team makes it easy for us to help out!

Moving on, lets get to the good stuff!

This was the VIP box so the first thing we see is the VIP hat, a velcro snap-back style hat. It’s got their logo and the word VIP in white on it.

december mythcbox

Next, you get a couple of cardboard pictures that are unique to the #myTHCbox. I haven’t seen anything like this in another box. One is an “adult” coloring photo complete with colored pencils and a pencil sharpener. The other is an artwork titled “THC”.

december mythcbox

We kept diving into the box and just kept finding goodies! Next we found what they call a “disposable smoker’s kit”, a little bag that included some pipe cleaners, a glass concentrate jar, some hemp wick on a spool, a crappy lighter, and a plastic grinder.

december mythcbox

You know what I think of plastic grinders and honestly the plastic lighter is pretty janky as well. A Bic isn’t that much more in cost, neither would be a Clipper lighter, so there could be a better choice here.

Speaking of grinders, they give you that crappy plastic one and then include a pretty nice metal 4 piece grinder with a pollen catcher!

december mythcbox

It’s branded with their logo and is a small little grinder that is about the size of a 50 cent piece. Not too big, but small hands would enjoy this for sure.

december mythcbox

That photo is probably the most unique item in the box, and something I hadn’t thought of before and haven’t seen in any other box. This is the December box, which means the Solstice or Christmas (which ever you prefer) and gifting! They make that easy by providing a “Buddy Gift”, a small little stocking stuffer with two aluminum single hit pipes……one for you and one for a buddy!

There were a couple of last items that weren’t photoed but we talked about in the review video. You get some papers from Trip2. These were clear papers which was a unique twist to a subscription box staple. You also get a pouch of filter tips to give your joints a filter. Finally, the last “small” as a munchie……a Moon Pie. I’m a not a huge fan of those, but when you’re stoned almost anything is good.

So, after you’ve smoked your joints and ate your munchies you’re just chillin with your homies lookin for something to do. Well, #myTHCbox thought of that too! They included this little dominoe set for you waste some time with!

december mythcbox

The crowning jewel of this package is a GigaWax G4:20-C Vaporizer! This is a concentrate vaporizer and this completes the box by making sure they offer something for every smoker, whether you blaze joints, burn bowls, or dab face!

december mythcbox

Just to top things off and give you EVEN MORE value, for a one time upgrade fee of $9.99 you get the VIP box that we’re unpacking today. Not only do you get the hat we showed you above, you also get this beautiful sherlock pipe…

december mythcbox

It’s a gorgeous cobalt blue glass pipe that we’re happy to add to our collection of glass. That will make one hell of a giveaway piece in the future for some lucky PNW fan!

The VIP upgrade cost doesn’t renew automatically, so you can pick and choose when you want to pay the additional amount. For what you get out of it though, it totally seems worth the price!


So, do you think the $39.95 cost ($49.90 if you paid the upgrade fee) is worth it? Let’s check the value:

Monthly Kit:

  • Disposable Kit – Approx $7
    • Lighter – $1
    • Hemp wick – $2
    • Grinder – $2
    • Glass jar – $2
  • Aluminum 4-pc. Grinder – $15
  • Papers – $5
  • Domino set – $10
  • Moon Pie – $1
  • Buddy Gift – $20 ($10 per single hitter approx)
  • Coloring page – $2
  • Artwork – $10 (guessing based on farmer’s market print prices)
  • Gigawax vaporizer – $50

VIP Upgrade:

  • VIP hat – $10
  • VIP glass pipe – $25 (based on local glass prices)

This makes the total value of the monthly subscription approximately $115 for a monthly $39.95 subscription rate, which makes this totally worth the price! Adding the VIP pieces makes the total value of the box more around $150 for the cost of $49.90, again very worth the cost!


Nothing is perfect, and although we’re HUGE fans of the box this isn’t either. First, the box was addressed from a person not a business. While I loved their professionalism, this is a no-no in my book. You’re a business, tell me who I’m getting my package from. To be fair, they do put “Your Monthly Subscription Box” under her name so they don’t put THC on the box for the mailman to see, but I still want to know who I get. Maybe that’s just me though…..

Next, the fucking plastic grinder. Pardon my french, but these are super fucking cheap and totally worthless and should never be included…..ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU INCLUDE A GRINDER THAT’S 10 TIMES BETTER!!!

Sorry, rant over……….

One last flaw is the lighter in the disposable pack. Lighters like that are poor quality and can fail, and while I understand the “disposable” feel of the pack I still think they should provide a Bic or Clipper instead.

There you have it PNW fans, the December #myTHCbox! This is by far the best of the follow-ups to the “Dank Mail” article. This box gets the best rating I’ll ever give a subscription box, a 9.8 out of 10. None will ever be perfect, so I’ll never give a perfect score for these, but the #myTHCbox is the new bar to reach.

Between their awesome items and value and their activism, this is THE box to subscribe to. Head over to their Facebook page and give them some love and tell them that PNW CannaReviews sent you!! This is definitely PNWCR Approved!!












  • Way more value than cost
  • Quality items
  • Expertly curated
  • Supports activism and cannabis legalization


  • Some items not the same quality as the rest
  • Plastic grinders should never be included
Family man and ganjapreneur, I am an Pacific NW resident who loves to test and review cannabis related products! I love to hike, swim, and explore Oregon and the Northwest. My family and I go on plenty of adventures!