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Strain Review: Deathstar CO2 Oil from Infinite Extracts

Strain Review: Deathstar CO2 Oil from Infinite Extracts
Strain Review: Deathstar CO2 Oil from Infinite Extracts

We met the Infinite Extracts team at this year’s GanjaCon in Eugene, Oregon. They were a great crew and were awesome enough to let us have one of their Deathstar CO2 oil cartridges.

They use a gold foil packaging with a silver sticker. It looks a bit “spendy”, but it’s pretty hard to read. The cartridges they used were pretty impressive actually. We appreciated the durable construction with a glass cartridge (not acrylic) and a metal mouthpiece. The atomizer was better constructed and more durable as well. Quite impressive in an industry full of people who cut corners.

Unfortunately, their process seems like the standard CO2 process which blasts out most of the terpenes. This particular strain came in at came in at 64.6% THC and 0.5% CBD with nothing else and almost no terpene profile remaining. It just tastes like the standard, run of the mill CO2 oil that just tastes like hot hash. We’ve been at this for a long time and we’ve seen some truly awesome and terpy CO2 oil so we were slightly disappointed with the flavor.


First and most obvious flaw is the flavor. If you like the medicinal and hashy flavor of most CO2 oils then this isn’t a problem for you, but for a true #terpslut this wouldn’t make the grade.

Their packaging needs some work as well, it’s hard to read and isn’t too professional. It looks more like something I would see at a festival or a rave.

The only other real flaw is a bit of a Catch 22. The atomizer is really well built and won’t pop like some of the other, more cheaply made ones will. The flip side to that coin is that it needs more battery power. Here lies the flaw. A mod can be too strong and will pop your atomizer if you’re not careful. Most batteries aren’t strong enough (I’m talking the 5v autodraw batteries here) and so you have to find one of the mid-range batteries, the ones that are between 7.5v-12v. Anything more than 12 and you risk popping the atomizer…….see, Catch 22.

There is our review of the Deathstar CO2 Oil Cartridge from Infinite Extracts. We really liked the crew and hope they do well, we were just left wanting terpenes and a higher THC percentage, along with some other cannabinoids. It’s ok and they’re worth picking one up if you find a decent price point, it was just not quite able to earn the PNWCR Badge of Approval.














  • Constructed from durable materials
  • No acrylic to off gas
  • Portable


  • No real terpene profile or flavor
  • High wasn't too strong
  • Needs a stronger battery than most cartridges
  • Hard to read packaging
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