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Utensil Review: The Dank Dabber v 1.0 Needle Point

Hey there PNW followers! I hope everyone's day is going well..........everyone ready for their dabs? Well, so are we and today I'm bringing you a review on a new dabbing tool, the Dank Dabber v1.0 Needle Point Dabbing tool. There are plenty of dab tool options out there from titanium tools (expensive) to quartz (lowest cost but brittle), and Dank Dabber wanted to bring us a tool that was more cost effective than titanium but works better than quartz. That brought us........

The Dank Dabber:

When you get your DD in the mail, it comes in a small plastic container that has a cardboard insert with some instructions and the dabber itself. The dabber is unique in that the tip doesn't come to a scoop and it doens't have a wide space to collect reclaim.


Like many of our followers, we dab quite a bit and having dirty dab tools is a pet peeve of mine. I don't mind having some reclaim after a hit, but if the tool surface is too large it starts to build up and you end up vaping reclaim with your dab if you don't keep your tool clean. It's not like we're smoking resin here, but aesthetics are always important right?! Many dab tools have a flat "blade" on one end and a scooper on the other end, and both of these tips have plenty of surface area to get that sticky reclaim all over.


The Dank Dabber's needle point tip reduces the amount of real estate that can get reclaim build up on. This means a much cleaner tip, and the design allows you to easy swipe the sides against the side of your nail to get as much of the reclaim off as you can before you cap your nail.

That being said, this is a NEEDLE point. Please don't be stupid and stab yourself with the tip of the dabber because you got too stoned or you weren't paying attention to what you were doing. Always put the protective cap on it when you're done using it too, lets be responsible smokers shall we?

Using the Dank Dabber:

Using the dank dabber is like any other dab tool, stick the tip into your concentrates, gather as large of a hit as you're ready for, and then tap it into your nail. The difference is that this sits on the tip of your finger like a thimble.


This actually makes it a bit easier to grab your carb cap to cap off your nail. The base lets you stand it up with a dab on the tip as well, unlike most dab tools which lay flat and you have to prop them if you have any concentrate on them. Easy right?

Note: This isn't titanium. If you're looking for a low cost Ti dabbing utensil this is not it. This is well constructed out of stainless steel so it's not really a flaw. It's only a flaw for those looking for titanium.


Be careful of heat too. If you do a lot of dabs in a row (like we tend to do) then this will get hotter and hotter. We purposely tested this and after six dabs in a row it was hot enough that the tip of your finger was slightly warm. Nothing too major, but I can see it possibly being a problem for those stoners who just don't watch what they're doing.

Finally, the size is NOT one size fits all. This fit my finger perfectly, but it didn't sit on my girlfriend's smaller fingers very well. It was loose and leaned to one side and she had to use her thumb in a pinching motion to keep it on her finger when trying to use it to dab with. This is a big flaw imo, because I know many women who dab and have smaller fingers. You can wrap something around your fingers to make them larger before using this, but why would you?

There you have it, everything we can tell you about the Dank Dabber v1.0 Needle Point dabbing tool. This is a cost effective option for dabbing tools, and with the lower surface area it collects less reclaim and make less of a mess than other tools we've used. The heat issue is only a slight concern and hopefully they can address the sizing issue. This was a hit in the PNW offices, and we will definitely be giving their other options a try as soon as we can!













  • Easy to use
  • Stands up
  • Less reclaim mess
  • Cost effective


  • Slight heat issue
  • Not one size fits all