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Dank Mail 2.0: A Review of “Stoner” Subscriptions

dank mail 2.0

Dank mail…..that name brings to mind weed wrapped in cellophane and inside tubes to mail some “bud” to some buds…….today it is used to discuss the newest product in the emerging legal cannabis markets, the monthly subscription.

Welcome back to the PNWCR fans and thanks for all of your support and shares. Today we bring you an update to the original “Dank Mail” article from earlier this year. You’ve seen our unpack and review videos of the new “stoner” subscription boxes and this updated post ranks them from best to worst!

As we said in our first “Dank Mail” article, monthly subscription boxes take the worry away from heading down to the smoke shop and deciding what you should get. They’re usually centered around a theme, and they provide a ton of options for you whether you smoke out of a water pipe, dry pipe, or if you prefer joints. But are they worth it? We compared the items value against the value of the boxes and if we EVEN WANTED the items that they included. Trust me, not all boxes are created equally!

Here is our updated list of a all of the boxes we’ve unpacked so far!

  1. Dollar High Club – 9.7
  2. 420GB Partybox – 9.5
  3. Stashbox – 9.2
  4. Hemper Box – 9.1
  5. Hemper Pack – 9
  6. Burnbox – 9
  7. 420 Goodybox – 8.8
  8. Hotbox Litebox – 8.2
  9. Green Bake Box – 6.5
  10. Toker Pack – 6.3
  11. PufferBox – 5.8

That’s 11 different boxes, most were well thought out and gave plenty of value for the service they provided but a couple of them didn’t quite make the cut! Let’s check out our list from worst to best and see why we liked them so much!

11. The PufferBox

We begin with the worst in our opinion, the PufferBox. This rated the lowest on the PNWCR Approved scale, netting a low 5.8 out of 10 and it DID NOT receive the PNWCR Badge of Approval.


The contents included a sticker, a pack of blunt wraps, a Stink Sack, some gummi bears, a TINY glass pipe, and finally another TINY water pipe that was extremely fragile and not real quality. The entire value of the box was around $20 and with shipping the cost of the box was $28.

This box just didn’t compare in value, quality, or the amount of what we call “smalls” here at the PNWCR HQ. Other than the sticker there wasn’t anything really that we considered a small, and I was put off by the gummi bear “munchie” that was provided. I like to promote health conscious snacking when consuming cannabis, and they don’t help spread that message at all! That photo is really all that you get in this box, so we’re gonna move on to #10 now.

10. Toker Pack

Coming in at 10th, we have the Toker Pack. There was a huge level of unprofessionalism from these guys at first and we were highly disappointed.

toker pack

That’s the box we got at first and we didn’t even know from who. That box was rated a 3.6 for it’s lack of packaging, branding, quality, etc. There was a lot wrong with it. However, we did get a second box from them the next month.

toker pack december

That one was much better and received a 9 for the quality of it’s packaging and value it provided. Unfortunately, the two of them averaged and gave a combined score of 6.3 for the Toker Pack.

9. The Green Bake Box

Coming in 9th place, Green Bake Box only rated a 6.5 out of 10 and also DID NOT make it through to receive the PNWCR Bade of Approval.


This was the more “stoner-ish” of the boxes we unpacked and reviewed. Seeing fruit roll-ups and Potato Stix snacks in the box actually irritated me a bit! I mean, I know we all get the munchies after we consume a bit of herb, but really? We couldn’t include a healthier snack, or try to kill that stereotype completely?

Not only that, but they included some Clear Eyes. I’m sorry, I don’t get red-eye anymore unless I’ve been hot-boxin or some shit. Wasted real estate in a box that has PLENTY of competition in my opinion.

This box was a bit more fleshed out than the PufferBox. It was focused on joint smoking so they included a glass joint tip, a RAW bamboo rolling mat, papers, and hemp wick. They also included an Elements pack with pre-rolled crutches, papers, and a cardboard scooper.

A lighter and a container wrap up the little items and they included a unique glass pipe to round off the box.


Unfortunately, although the spiral barrel is unique this was made of VERY fragile and thin glass and we won’t be adding this to our personal collection.

The value of the box was approximately $35 for something you pay $30 for so the return was very little comparatively. This box had more items but they were still worth very little in the long run.

8. Hotbox Litebox

The Hotbox Litebox is the first in the list to receive the PNWCR Badge of Approval. This box provides more value for the dollar than the prior boxes and showed more thought when it was being put together.

hotbox litebox

Sadly, HotBox didn’t quite hit the mark with this glass bubbler. We’ve seen MUCH better glass in other boxes and we’ve seen pieces with more thought given to what was included. The o-ring was brittle and was just slightly too big so the bowl didn’t have a tight seal. That and a couple other flaws almost put this below the 8/10 mark, so caution if you’re looking into this box.

The name may also make you think this is a lighter version and cheaper. That’s not the case here though. Be careful, it’s a decent one but there are better out there.

7. The 420 Goodybox

We unpacked the Vape Nation edition of the 420 Goodybox and it was the first we received and the benchmark we compared all other boxes against. This was the first box that we felt ACTUALLY gave us some value for what we paid for.


They sent us a Kasher lighter attachment, some Blanks pre-rolled tubes, and some rolling papers. We also got a copy of Cannabis Now magazine, a couple of packs of joint papers, and some slaps. This was the box that really showed us that smalls could be fun (with the exceptions of the Blanks, we HATED those). Finally, they included a flower/wax vaporizer in the box.

420 Goodybox Cannabis Now Magazine and vape pen

This was a cheaper pen than some of the ones we’ve reviewed and we never did an official review on it (it would NEVER pass our review process, let’s just leave it at that shall we), but it added a value to the box that the previous two just didn’t have. All told, the boxes value was about $45 and the price was $28. While we enjoyed the box, it still felt slightly……incomplete…..and it still isn’t our #1. This was the first box to get the PNWCR Badge of Approval.

420 Goodybox PNWCR discount code

If you’re interested in the 420 Goodybox, they were kind enough to provide us with a code to give our readers. Click the photo above and use code PNW at checkout for $3 off of your first box!

6. The Burnbox

Burnbox sent us their “Mango” themed box for us to unpack and while we enjoyed it, I can’t really say it fit the theme that well. It did rate a 9.0 out of 10, but the only mango items were a pack of Juicy Jay mango flavored papers and a pack of mango blunt wraps.

Mango Burnbox

This box was filled with items for both pipe and joint smokers. You received several packs of papers and blunt wraps, but you also got two glass items (even if one was so small you would NEVER use it), and a pouch to hold your glass safely.

The value of the box was approximately $50 with it’s price set at $20/month. This was a real value for us, and finally one that felt worth subscribing to if you’re into that kind of thing. This box received the PNWCR Badge of Approval.

5. The Hemper Pack

This is the first “lite” version we saw and we really enjoyed it. Instead of having to buy in for an entire monthly experience, Hemper gave us the ability to order a smaller “Pack” for a lesser amount.

The Hemper Pack

The Hemper Pack is joint focused and gives a great value for the price you pay for it. Although not as thought out as the Hemper Box (their full version), this was still a great way to get started with a monthly subscription.

4. The Hemper Box

Coming in at 9.1 out of 10, the Hemper Box almost took our top slot for the best monthly subscription box we reviewed. Hemper decided to forego the smalls in their box, instead focusing on the fact that they were partnered with YouTube personality, Jane Dro. The only smalls included were some hemp wick and lip balm/toob loob by Bee Lasso.

hemper august

The Hemper Box was definitely one of the boxes more focused on joints and blunts than anything else. They included a RAW pack including pre-rolled cones, a branded Clipper lighter, a hydrostone for keeping your stash fresh, and a double barreled joint holder so you can smoke two joints at once!

*cue Sublime’s “Smoke Two Joints” in the background*

They also sent in some Elements joint tips (unrolled) and a couple of packs of papers. Even their glass in this box was blunt focused, I mean….it’s a glass blunt! For real! Where’s the love for water smokers, man?! Even so, this box received the PNWCR Badge of Approval.

3. The Stashbox

With one of the best values for what you spend, the Stashbox comes in third on this list. They provided several items and their main negative was that they catered to the “kiddie” stoner a bit much.


The bubbles they included were a bit much, but other than that they provided a great subscription box that had a Chameleon Glass pipe in it too!! Coming in at 9.1/10, this is one to consider for sure!

2. The 420GB Partybox

The number two spot in our review is claimed by the team at 420 GB and their “Partybox”. This one had the second highest value and some of the best pieces in our opinion, and it came it at a whopping 9.5 out of 10!

420GB Partybox

This box had items the PNWCR crew finally felt that were worth it to us to subscribe more than a single month. The glass shown above was paired with a sleek, discreet chillum and a glass stash jar that matched the steam roller pictured above. They also included a grinder card, a Bong Buddy lighter leash, a bunch of hemp wick and a lighter case that spooled hemp wick (made for the mini-Bics) and a debowling tool.

The thing that really set the 420 GB Partybox apart from the rest is that they didn’t sacrifice contents for smalls. We received a ton of smalls including:

  • Massroots sticker & pin
  • Token Pipe ad
  • 420GB sticker
  • Pipe Wipes x2
  • Wax/Oil silicone concentrate container
  • Lighter for the Bong Buddy, and
  • more stickers

This gave the box an overall value of almost $80 but it’s only priced at $32 with shipping. That’s the best value of all of the boxes we’ve received. Other boxes either didn’t include almost any smalls if they had something of value included in the box, or too many smalls and nothing of real value. The Partybox had both, and that’s why they took the #2 spot on our list of Dank Mail monthly subscriptions! This box DEFINITELY took the PNWCR Badge of Approval!

1. Dollar High Clubdhc

The number slot goes to Dollar High Club! They have several options available for any budget and they’re one of the friendliest and most customer focused we’ve found! Check out the levels below!

The All-Natural:

For the joint smoker, the All-Natural plan offers the basics you need to roll up that phatty. You get everything you need without ever leaving your home!

  • A pack of 1.25″ papers
  • A pack of all natural filter tips
  • A 3.3′ roll of hemp wick
  • A book of matches

You get all of that for $1 + $2 shipping (this is the only box with shipping fees btw), so for $3 you get about $7 worth of joint supplies. I think this level is particularly good for someone who may have issues being mobile and heading to the store. You get your supplies for medicating without having to leave the house!

The Connoisseur:

The second level the DHC offers is the Connoisseur, their most popular level. For $12, you get a well rounded box that has a mix of smoking goodies! Our box included:

  • A pack of clear rolling papers
  • A pack of OCB rolling papers
  • A wooden dugout with single hitter
  • A pack of filter tips
  • A clipper lighter
  • A 3.3′ roll of hempwick

That’s a total of about $20-25 or so of goodies (depending on where you buy them) for only $12 and no shipping in the US! Again, great value for the cost and those clear papers hit well!! The dugout was good quality too!

The El Primo:

The last level they offer is the El Primo and this is the box for those who REALLY want a variety! This box came with a ton of items! We got:

  • 2 packs of joint papers
  • A doob tube with empty pre-rolled cone
  • A 3.3′ roll of hempwick
  • A pack of dragon tooth pipe cleaners
  • A pack of Elements filter tips
  • A Clipper lighter
  • An incense burner with pack of incense
  • A glass bubbler with choice of brass or glass screens

This level is their $30 level and the glass bubbler alone made that worth the price! This was a hammer bubbler with a glass-on-glass pull-carb bowl that hit just as strong and smooth as a full-sized bong…….add free shipping and this was a super steal! I would guess the entire value of this box was roughly $60, which was great for the value.

Side note: DHC is one of the few that actually offer the items in their boxes in an online store, so if you just want to buy that dugout you can go to their page and pick it up!

 DHC easily takes the top slot in our Dank Mail review!

dank mail 2.0

Final Note:

These boxes are made for the stoner who is looking for a variety of items without having to go hunt for them. Some have value while others don’t, but the important thing to remember is to have fun while you sesh it up!

Thanks for reading and supporting PNW CannaReviews as we followed our subscription box journey! Hopefully we can have a third follow up one day!!

Special Runner Up:


#myTHCbox was our favorite box, receiving a whopping 9.9/10, however they had to close due to personal issues and can no longer be purchased. We still felt that they needed to be highlighted here for the amazing work they did and we hope they eventually come back to the industry!



I can’t say enough about the #myTHCbox! This box just keeps giving!! These guys are all about cannabis legalization and activism, so one $1 from every subscription is donated to a “charity of the month”. They pick a new one each month and donate to them to help out their cause.

The contents are mind blowing! From art (the only box to really add some art) to adult coloring pages to paired gifts for you and a buddy, Mary and the team really thought these boxes through. Not only that, they pick a theme each month and try to tailor the boxes to their concepts of the themes…….Their Game of Thrones and Alice in Wonderland themed boxes were awesome!


Here is a list of what you might get in one of these boxes:

  • Buddy Gift – Incense and a free “Cannabis Cleanse” ebook x2
  • Collectible cannabis trading cards
  • Two 3 x 5 postcard sized artworks
  • Joint carrying case w/3 pre-rolled joint cones
  • Top joint roller
  • Disposable Smokers Kit, including:
    • Electric click lighter
    • RAW papers
    • RAW prerolled joint tips
    • Pill sized tablets of cleaners, x2
    • Baseball bat sized joint cone
    • Pocket ashtray
    • Light up mini Hookah

You only pay $35.99 each (+9.95 for the VIP upgrade if you want) and you definitely get WAY more than what you pay for. Subscribe to 3 months in advance and only pay $99.99 which saves you some money and we TOTALLY recommend it!!

The #myTHCbox could have easily received the #1 slot in our Dank Mail 2.0 review!

Family man and ganjapreneur, I am an Pacific NW resident who loves to test and review cannabis related products! I love to hike, swim, and explore Oregon and the Northwest. My family and I go on plenty of adventures!