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Glass Review: DabStraw

Hey there PNW followers! Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful day in the Pacific Northwest.......

I'm here today to bring you our review of the DabStraw! This is a straw style dabbing tool for dabbing on the go, and we happen to be big fans of this thing!

The Look:

Different mouthpieces on the DabStraw.    Image Credit:

The DabStraw comes packaged in a white box that looks like a jeweler's box with a bracelet. It even comes with the same cotton/polyester batting that the jewelers use! Open it up and you see the straw, the padding, and a couple of business cards with pretty print. Very minimal packaging, which I love being in the PNW where recycling is so important!

There are two different designs to the DabStraw. They all have the same fluted tip design (which allows for grinding down if you break it slightly) and colored bubbles, but the mouthpiece can either be straight or rounded. We got to try both, and although functionally there was no difference between them the rounded design made it easier to get our rock salt in to clean it out.

Dabbing with the DabStraw:

Dabbing on Opal Creek     Image Credit: PNW CannaReviews

One of the things we noticed right off is that this for low temp dabs. The tip is a bit fragile and can break if you don't watch your temperature. A very slight red tinge to the tip is our benchmark, if you can see the redness from the heat you've heated it too much! A great benefit of this is that the low temps retain ALL of your terpene profile! Every bit of flavor that was in the concentrate came through with no heavily heated taste.

This is also a great to go piece! Hiking and camping are big deals in the PNW, and this made it easy to take with us and dab in the wild! The lightweight nature of the straw lets you wrap it up and pack it in your pack with some dabs and a torch along with your other gear. While a pen may be a bit more convenient than a torch, when you're sitting and eating lunch this packs way more flavor and head high to your trip!

That photo on the left is us dabbin it up at Opal Creek Falls near Jawbone Flats near Gates, Oregon!

Cleaning the DabStraw:

The DabStraw is fairly easy to clean. I gave it a 9.5/10 for cleaning because it depends on the mouthpiece you have. The flat mouthpieces aren't wide enough for rock salt to get through easily, and so you have to make sure to grind it up fine before putting it in the utensil which reduces the salts abrasiveness and so it takes longer to clean. Just pour some salt and rubbing alcohol (99% grade is best or go with an actual cleaner for resin build up protection), shake it vigorously, and then pour it out and use a scraper to get those tough bits that didn't come out of the tip of the straw.

NOTE: The tip is the most fragile part of the DabStraw, and I want to emphasize the fact that you need to be care with heating and cleaning. Over heating or cleaning too hard will cause the tip to crack and break, which messes up the edge that touches the concentrates and you don't get a good hit at that point, too much oxygen gets mixed in due to too much airflow from the break. However, breaking the tip doesn't ruin your straw. Take a piece of medium grit sand paper and grind down the tip until it's even again, then use a softer grain to polish it off and viola, your DabStraw is good to go!

There it is, everything I have to say about the DabStraw! Quick, easy, low temp dabs on the go. Pick one up for yourself and see just how cool these really are! Our only suggestion is that they need to make a model with a titanium nail and possibly a stand for it to rest on. Other than that this is a great piece and we highly recommend it! 

Seen enough?

Go purchase your very own Dab Straw today...
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  • Sleek look
  • Easy to use
  • Low heat dabs
  • Easy to clean


  • Tip cracks easily