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Product Review: The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen

Dabolute Concentrate Pen

Hey there PNW fans! Thanks for joining us for another review here at the PNWCR HQ! Give the video a watch and then we’ll talk about what we thought of the Dabsolute Pen.

Now that you’ve watched the review, lets talk about the emerging market for a moment before we move on to the pen.  There is a HUGE market for cannabis products and there are a wide range of products out there. Hell, we’ve reviewed a ton of pens out there! Many are made with cheap parts from China, and that doesn’t bother some but what about US products?

The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen:

The Dabsolute team is VERY proud of the fact that they are American made. This is a heavy duty concentrate pen that is made from high grade stainless steel. This unit is a bottom section with a ceramic skillet coil that fits inside of the bottom part with the threads. The cover fits over the top and you can see the air holes above the threads. That’s their main selling point, the Dabsolute Pen doesn’t clog or spill.

Dabolute Concentrate Pen

I’m not a huge fan of this coil. The flat skillet sits in a way that your concentrate will melt below it and sit on the ceramic base and nothing happens. Holding your coil on longer does nothing but force the concentrate to run into the corners and damage your coil and lower it’s rate of use. It’s definitely not the most efficient coil out there!

This coil has a large bore opening for is threading so you have to use the provided adapter if you’re using an eGo or other 510 threaded battery. If not, you need the battery they also sell.

The Dabsolute Battery:

As you saw in the video you can get a full kit that comes with a battery mod. It’s much like a e-cig battery mod with a LED screen and is a variable temperature mod that goes from 5w to 30w.

Dabolute Concentrate Pen

Their instructions are to use the battery anywhere between 12w and 17w and my preference was 16w. This is a very heavy unit. It’s also very phallic when put together. You can see that in the cover image or by watching the video.

Using the Dabsolute Pen:

Like the Dabsolute team claims, nothing I did could clog the air flow of this pen. It draws the most evenly of any pen we’ve tested to date. It won’t spill either, even if you accidentally tip it when you have a lot of liquid concentrate in it you still won’t see it spill out.

You’ll have a mess in the threading but it won’t spill. Hell, they even claim you can put some e-cig liquid in it and it would vape that too but we never tested that claim. Just know you won’t spill it.

It’s best to cycle your battery when using this pen. Hold it on for a couple of seconds, let off for a second, then hold it down again until you’re done taking your hit. This lets the concentrate flow back and forth across the coil and lets you get more than if you just hold the battery on your entire hit. Again, it’s not the most efficient.

Cleaning is simple, you take the parts of the cartridge apart and soak em in alcohol. Nothing to it!


Like I mentioned above, the coil isn’t my favorite. After using coils like the Tornado Atomizer from Cloud Vapes that they use in their concentrate pens like the Chong Pen, this one just doesn’t live up to the mark.

Next, the cost. The pen alone is $150 and the kit with battery is $225, and that’s just outrageous for a concentrate pen in my opinion! Hell, you can get e-nails for that price!

The battery has it’s own flaws. I don’t know if it was my own unit or just a flaw in general but it wouldn’t hold the temperature. Mid-hit you can watch it drop from 16w to 5w, or suddenly jump up to 30w and all you get is a nasty metallic taste.

There’s the Dabsolute Pen, an all US made concentrate pen. I use it quite a bit and really wanted to endorse it a lot, but with the flaws compared to the cost it just feel short of getting the PNWCR Badge of Approval. Still, a 7.8 out of 10 isn’t too shabby! Just not quite up to our expectations. See you next time PNW fans!


I wanted to stop in and give you all a follow up on the Dabsolute. We have been using this M-F, one time a day (sometimes twice) for less than 0.2 grams each use. After a few months of using the Dabsolute at this much the atomizer died on us. The battery won’t read it no matter what we do.

That means for $150 you get an atomizer that doesn’t even last 6 months. However, we’ve been using the Cloud V Platinum Chong Pen for over a year now and we’re still on the original coil! The Cloud coils are only $15 for a 3 pack, which makes this infinitely more affordable.

Due to this, we’ve lowered the score from 7.8 to a 7.5 to reflect the lack of quality.








Ease of Cleaning





  • Quality materials
  • Perfect air flow
  • No clogging
  • Easy to clean


  • Coil does not vape efficiently
  • Battery does not hold temp
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