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Concentrate Review: Dab Society’s Sweet Violet Shatter

Hello there PNW followers. I'm excited to bring you my first ever strain review! Over the last couple of days we've had the pleasure of sampling some excellent shatter we picked up from Dab Society Extracts, an extraction company out of Oregon that provides medicine for Oregon Medical Marijuana dispensaries. They have several strain options available and we got to try out their Sweet Violet.

The Look:

11153983_10203235713813643_1846573530_oUnlike many extraction companies that use silicon containers (which we have too damn many of) or plastic containers (which we hate because our shit sticks to it like holy hell), these come in a match box looking container. The container is lined with parchment paper, and it was easy to move it to one of our spare containers for storage.

The shatter itself is some of the clearest I've seen in a shop in my area to date. I mean, take a look at that photo.....that's the shatter on top of the box so you can see just how clear this stuff is.....

I've had fun just taking a look at this over and over again in front of other lights, on the tips of dab tools, etc. The golden color has been mesmerizing. 

The Experience:

That clarity....go Dab Society!

The shatter is EXTREMELY clean! It melted fully with none of the tell tale sizzle and snap of poorly purged concentrate. Not that we expected anything less with that clarity, but it's nice to know its as good as it looks. It is very flavorful as well, with a full terpene profile. The taste on your tongue was spicy on the front end with a slightly sweet flavor on the back end of the taste buds.

The high is cerebral. As soon as I took the first dab I felt it settle in a band across my forehead from temple to temple. It is very heady, but not over powering. Even at 81% THC, a few dabs of this won't melt your face and leave you drooling on the couch...well, not as long as you're not new to shatters that is! This is very good head medicine for someone who is looking for more than a body high.


Not much to say bad about this stuff. Really, the only two negatives are the fact that it's a bit pricier compared to other extracts in the same category and it's not readily available everywhere medical or recreational marijuana is available.


That's what we though of Dab Society Extract's Sweet Violet Shatter. We weren't able to find much about the phenotype of this quality extract, but it has definitely claimed it's spot in our top 5 concentrates that we've had a chance to test.

Like what you see?

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PNWCR Badge of Approval

Dab Society's Sweet Violet Shatter













  • Excellent clarity
  • Spicy flavor
  • Cerebal high
  • Beautiful amber color


  • Higher cost than comparable extracts
  • Not available in all locations
  • Oregon only