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Strain Review: Da Kine Extracts OG-13

Da Kine Extracts OG-13 Strain Review

We had the pleasure of reviewing some OG-13 shatter from Da Kine Extracts, a local Eugene, OR cannabis extraction company. The Da Kine Extracts team works to source the best material to run for their extracts and they run some of the terpiest dabs we’ve come across.

This shatter had a fantastic citrus-sweet flavor that was very much like a lemon head with a strong kush flavor on the exhale. It’s 2.87 terpene percentage means that the flavor is one hell of a punch in your mouth!

Here’s the numbers: 68.6% THC, 0.2% CBD, 0.4% CBN, 0.3% CBC & 0.5% CBG

This is full spectrum and the Entourage Effect has this 70% total cannabinoid shatter hit much more like an 80%+ one for sure!

The high lasted a couple of hours and left you feeling smiley and wanting to do stuff as long as you kept moving. The CBN percentage almost guaranteed that you stayed put once you stopped moving though!

This has a little bit of a couch lock effect and can cause some cottonmouth so stay hydrated and as always, NEVER operate a motor vehicle under the influence of this or any other cannabis product.

PNW CannaReviews Da Kine Extracts OG-13 Strain Review

The consistency is on point too. Its shatters like glass and  you can see in the picture above that it retains the shape you break it into easily. It makes for easy dabs for sure.

The color is a little dark, but part of that is because the guys like to pour thick. That color for damn near a 1/6″ thick slab? Not too shabby actually!

Da Kine Extracts hit the nail on the head with their OG-13 shatter.  The sweet, lemony taste is one of our favorite flavors and this has it in spades! This passes the test for sure and receives the PNWCR Badge of Approval easily! Click here to see where to find this and other awesome strains today!

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  • Fantastic lemony flavor
  • Full spectrum cannabinoids
  • Sleep aid
  • Very stable at room temperature


  • Strong cottonmouth effect
  • Higher CBN can leave you
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