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Medibles Review: Coma Treats Medicated Candy Bars

As I start this review, I have to say how much I despise medibles with a high cannabis flavor. To me, cannabis is very savory and if you’re putting it in something sweet you better be real good about masking the flavor. Most medible companies fail in this!

Coma Treats:

One company that doesn’t fail in this is Coma Treats, based out of Eugene, Oregon. I had the pleasure of testing both their Tiger Budder Chocolate and Creamy Cookies & Mint candy bars. Quoted from their website, the Tiger Budder Bars are “a delicious mixture of white chocolate, semi sweet chocolate, peanut butter and cannabis infused oil,” and their Cookies & Mint bars are “cookies and cream with a twist, mint chocolate for a nice bite along with hours of symptom relief. ”

Their head chef has over 25 years of experience and the grower who provides the cannabis to them has 40 years of growing experience, so combined they are a power team to make sure their patrons are satisfied.


 Candy Bars:

Now these guys claim that they have no cannabis flavor. Well, I have to disagree with this, but only slightly. I first tried the tiger budder bar because it was a basic chocolate bar with ribbons of white chocolate. They looked very nice, and the chocolate was a good quality chocolate that had a great taste. Unfortunately, this had some residual cannabis flavor. BUT, it was good! Oddly, the cannabis flavor that was left behind worked well and blended with the chocolate in a way that wasn’t super overpowering. In fact, I enjoyed it a lot.

The cookies & mint bar was a shocking success! I absolutely adore mint chocolate like an Andes, and this tasted just like an Andes combined with an Oreo! Again, the cannabis flavor was there just not overpowering.


In fact, it worked even better in with the mint than it did in the tiger budder bar. The cannabis flavor combined with the cookie and mint to act almost as if like ginger, leaving a slightly spicy taste on the taste buds that was very pleasant. This is my favorite item from Coma Treats so far!

Looking at their site, they have a “Why Pick Us” page that discusses the reasons to choose their product. We learned something new while researching this page. They use something called Judith Oil for their concentrate that is added to the chocolate mix. It’s an olive oil base, and research from Dr. Arno Hazekamp did a study that showed that this is one of the safer ways to ingest cannabis. I believe this oil is the reason why the flavor works so well for me even though there is a slight cannabis flavor to the candy bar.

The Effects:

Moving on to the effects, 350 mg of THC should be plenty for the casual consumer. In fact, I’m a medical cannabis patient myself and even though I consume meds with high percentages of THC and CBD regularly these managed to give me a slight body high that helped to alleviate my pain.


I have lower back problems that have lead to sciatica and other nerve damage in my legs and these bars helped mellow out the nerve tingles. They weren’t strong enough to kill my pain completely, but coupled with a sublingual I was feelin great!

PNWCR Badge of Approval

I recommend these to anyone looking for a good medible but don’t want the cannabis flavor to be too strong, or for someone looking for a way to get some medicine without having to smoke the herb. Great high, great taste, great quality, great team…… can’t go wrong!

Coma Treats Medicated Candy Bars













  • Mellow body high
  • Mostly good flavors
  • Clear packaging (doesn't target children)


  • Slight cannabis flavor
  • Tiger budder tastes waxy
  • Oregon only