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Gadget Review: Cloud V Platinum Tommy Chong Edition Vaporizer

Chief Like Chong

How's it going PNW readers? As promised, here is the unpack and reveal of the Cloud V Platinum Tommy Chong edition portable vaporizer. Give the video a watch, and then scroll down for my thoughts and official review.

Ok, so you've watched the video right? Good. Time to talk about this awesome vape pen!


The Vaporizer:

The pen arrives in a white box with a limited edition image and logo, signed by Tommy Chong. You definitely know that you've received a special edition item when you purchase this pen. Unpacking reveals a slim vaporizer that looks discreet and is about the size of your hand from palm to finger tips.

It comes in three parts, the battery, the atomizer attachment, and the cover with removable mouthpiece for easy cleaning. The cover has a clear window on one side that lets you see the action inside your cover to know if you're primed or if you need to reload your pen. I really liked the fact that there was no glass dome here to possibly drop and break while on the go.

The coil is one of the best I've used. It's metal and ceramic, and the ceramic is easy to clean and there is little in the way of build up near the rim that needs to be pushed back down into the coil like some of the other coils I've tested.

One quick note on construction - The power button seems very cheaply made and not anchored well. If you press to close to the bottom or top edge of the power button it will pivot on a central point which puts the edge you pressed actually INSIDE the pen, with the other edge sticking out of the pen. I don't know if that was a flaw specific to my pen or all of the Platinum line, and it doesn't affect performance, but it made me feel like I had to be careful with it more than usual. Another flaw is how hard it is to switch atomizers. The cover comes off easily, but will leave the atomizer snapped in. You have to wiggle it back and forth, with the cover still on for leverage, or it's almost impossible to remove it to swap coils or to add the water attachment (see below).


Finally, inside the box is a nice cushioned leather carrying case and instructional booklet. The instructions are THE BEST I've seen in any pen sent to us so far. It was clear, concise, and hit all points that I am usually asking myself. On top of that, they had some care instructions for the coil to help it last longer and we caselearned something new on treatment of your coil! When you first unpack a new coil, prime it (turn it on and heat the element) with nothing in it for roughly 10 seconds. This helps increase the life of the coil, and so far the one it came with has lasted longer than any coil we've used previously. We didn't know that, and we'll follow up with our findings.

The carrying case was nice and included a power cord, wall adapter and dab tool. The case is nice, but it was a bit of a let down as well. As you see in the video, you can't hold your power cord, the wall adapter, and the vaporizer in the same case. The wall attachment is too bulky and will prevent the case from closing. But, for on the go, this is a nice case as long as you have access to a USB port for charging wherever you are hanging out at.

Using the vaporizer:

Hitting this thing was a treat! I got a large cloud that was super smooth and clean. The coil doesn't get too hot, so the flavor profiles of all of the concentrates we tested in the pen kept all their flavors. It was super easy to hit everything in one hit if you weren't careful and wanted to share, the coil is very efficient and the hit is smooth enough that your lungs are able to take in a much larger hit than some of the pens we've tested. Just make sure to prime a new coil as we noted above for a full hit that is packed with flavor.

Cloud Aqua Bubbler Attachment:

In the video, you also get to see the Cloud Aqua Bubbler. Cloud was awesome enough to send that in for us to test out as well.

The water attachment can be finicky to be honest. Just a little too much water, or if you disrupt the seal in any way really, then the water drains right out onto the coil. I had several takes where I had to stop and dry out the coil to make sure it still worked. Something as simple as passing the vaporizer to someone else would disrupt that seal if the attachment was shifted to either side. Put too much water in and you end up with a mouthful of water on your first hit.


I'll write up a quick written review for that separately so I can add my rating to it, but I wasn't that impressed with it. However, the coil that comes with the Aqua attachment is ever better than coil that came with the Chong pen. It works just like the coil we described above, but it also has a conical shape that helps your reclaim drop back down into the coil so there is very little in the way of cleaning necessary when it comes to your coil. I actually use the Chong pen with the Aqua bubble coil and a water attachment from another pen for my personal vaporizer system.


The only real flaws we saw were that the power button is flimsy and it's a bit hard to switch the atomizer or to add the water attachment base. The pen is also a bit spendier than some of the other pens we've received, which range from $20 - $60 while this one is $100.

Well, that's it. Everything I can tell you about the Chong pen. Tommy himself stated that this was the first vaporizer that has earned his endorsement, and I have to agree that it is one of the best pens we've had the chance to test out! We really enjoyed the discreet shape and design, and the coils are some of the best we've seen. The only real flaws we saw were that the power button is flimsy and it's a bit hard to switch the atomizer or to add the water attachment base. The pen is also a bit spendier than some of the other pens we've received, which range from $20 - $60 while this one is $100. Pick up one of these awesome items by clicking the links below!

Tommy Chong Cloud V Platinum  - $99.95 

Cloud Aqua Attachment - $59.99


Seen enough?

Go purchase yours today...
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Cloud V Platinum Tommy Chong Edition




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  • Ease of Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Large hits
  • Well made


  • Slightly pricey
  • Power button slightly weak