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Product Review: The Chong Roller by Futurola USA

Hey there PNW readers! Thanks for joining us for another review today, and I’m very happy to bring you guys the review of the Chong Roller by Futurola USA!

I don’t know about you guys, but I love a joint every once in a while, especially since I’m an ex-smoker. Smoking a jay really helps me get through those cravings some times. Now, I can roll by hand, don’t get me wrong, but my hands don’t work like they used to and I reach for the roller every time now-a-days.


We’ve tested several rollers, and they all suffer the same problem. They’re hard to roll, the rollers get stiff with trichomes, etc. Even if they do work as intended, the joints are damn small! Especially if you put in a crutch or glass tip like our OG Tip.


Without further ado, let me introduce you to the Chong Roller by Futurola USA!


What’s in the box?

Futurola was kind enough to send us a care package with the roller and a couple of packs of papers that fit the larger size roller. The paper packs even had some crutches if you don’t have a glass tip of your

The roller itself comes in a nice box. It’s made from sturdy cardboard, and has some nice foam padding inside to keep the roller cushioned in transit. The box is branded with Tommy Chong’s image and pre-printed signature. This is one of the nicest packaging we’ve seen for something like a roller, and we were impressed for sure!


When you slide the top off of the box you see the roller nestled in its padding, with a cartoon caricature of Tommy looking up at you like he’s saying “What are you waiting for maaaaaan!” There is some graffiti art on the roller as well, which was a nice touch beyond the boring design of most rollers. I’m not that big on aesthetics, but it was cool to see.

Also included in the box is a nice carrying bag branded with the Futurola and Tommy Chong logos and a replacement mat in case you roll so many joint's you burn through the first one!

Using the roller:

Did you watch the video above? No? That’s ok, I’ll wait a sec. Give it a watch……..

As you can see, this is a great roller. It opens WIDE so there isn’t any problem with adding your material. It is also cone shaped. You can’t see it looking at it, but the end with the white band is actually smaller than the other end. This is where your crutch or glass tip goes.


The other end is very wide, and when you roll this thing you will end up with a BOMBER of a joint. It’s as long as my hand and burns perfectly even and slow.


Definitely not for the solo smoker (or I guess you could burn these by yourself, but why would you want to?!), this large torpedo of a joint is perfect for parties and social gatherings when you would normally be bummed by the fact your jay only went around the circle once……come one, we’ve all had that happen!



I can only think of a single real flaw, and a second smaller flaw that is more a preference than a flaw. I’ll start with the flaw.

There is a weak spot RIGHT where the material meets with your crutch or tip. If you aren’t careful and make sure this spot is packed in well, you will have a weak point when you’re smoking that can cause the joint to break or bend like a limp……fish. Just make sure you have an even layer of material (with a bit more on the one end opposite the tip) and that there is an even amount where the tip is. You learn the trick real quick.

The other flaw is the size. This is a preference because I think the bombers are badass, but when I’m alone I would appreciate being able to roll a joint about half the size of the normal one. I wish they had an adjuster like some of the other rollers that would make it so not as much material can go in the joint.

There you have it PNW readers! We tested the Chong Roller from Futurola USA for you and we HIGHLY recommend you get one for yourself. This is the first item that receives a 9.9/10 from us, the highest rating we’ve given so far. With the release of the new Chong Papers designed for this roller, there isn’t a better time to get one for yourself now!

Wanna chief like Tommy?

Grab a Chong Roller from Futurola today!

Chong Roller by Futurola USA




Ease of Use







  • Perfect cones
  • Large size
  • Easy to use
  • Unique look & feel


  • Slight weakness where material meets the tip.