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Product Review: Tommy Chong Papers by Futurola USA

What's happenin PNW followers? We have another review of some papers today, and we were happy to be able to review these. Today we bring you the Tommy Chong papers by Futurola USA to be used with the Tommy Chong roller they released a while back.




I wanted to rave about these papers since I'm a big fan of the Futurola products, and they were good papers, but they weren't all they were cracked up to be.

The Papers:

The Chong Papers are made natural paper made with organic Arabic gum. Sadly these aren't made from hemp which we prefer here at the PNWCR HQ! The papers were super thin however, so there was very little paper flavor to your joint. The large Dutch cone style joint the Chong roller makes will get a bit harsh towards the end though.




Check out the packaging in the photo above. See something.........not quite right? So did we, and it's all in the packaging. More on that in a bit.

Smoking the "J":

These papers burned nice and evenly. As much as I prefer hemp, I can't knock how well Futurola made their papers. There was little paper flavor and there were no runs as you were smoking. They roll in the Chong roller very nicely as well.

I didn't really expect anything different though, I've ALREADY used these papers!! They have a great glue, they don't come apart after rolled, and smoke very well. The slim paper can be a bit fragile though, so watch how wet you get it.


chong papers


As you can see in the above images, the Chong papers are nothing more than their Super Slims with a bit more packaging! Let's talk about that shall we?


Futurola didn't really go all out on their packaging here. As you can see from this pair of images, all they did was take the Super Slim paper box and slap an extra piece of cardboard around it branded with Tommy's face and name. Not very inspiring.


chong papers


They really didn't try to even hide the fact that they rebranded existing papers.  They did the same with their grinder, but they made such a big deal about the papers being released that I felt that they should have at least ATTEMPTED to make them look unique......

The Flavor:

Like I said before, although they're made from paper and not hemp there is very little paper flavor when smoking. There is a little bit of paper char though, and the large Dutch cone shape of the Chong roller can get to me by the end, but that is just because I don't smoke paper usually and don't like it.


Nothing is perfect, and these are the same. Unfortunately, the paper can tear easily as you're twisting off the end if you get it too wet. I also feel the marketing and branding were a bit deceptive so they lost some points there. The Slim paper review that's coming will rate just a bit higher even though they're the same papers. One of the things I am trying to show our fans in this industry is the false claims and bad marketing, not just bad products.

There's the Tommy Chong papers by Futurola, although they do pass our review process and earn the PNW Badge of Approval I recommend just getting the regular slims and saving money. Like all of the Tommy Chong items you're paying more for his face and logo and in this case it's not worth it.














  • Super slim
  • Little paper flavor
  • No runs


  • Not hemp
  • Just rebranded papers that already existed