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Product Review: Tommy Chong Grinder by Futurola

We have been enjoying the Tommy Chong branded products out there, and today we are bringing you the Tommy Chong Exclusive 4 piece Shredder made by Futurola. Futurola has partnered with Tommy to bring us a few items including this grinder, some papers, and the Chong Roller that we reviewed previously. Let's see how the grinder holds up.

The Look:

When I pulled this out of the box I immediately thought to myself how light this thing was. It's made of anodized aircraft aluminum, and I prefer a titanium grinder. They sent us the gold grinder and the top cover has Tommy's face all over it.


Flip it over and you have Tommy staring back at you again. His mug is ALL over this grinder. It's too bad that it's just paint over one of their standard grinders, if you use this regularly then the paint is going to wear off and all you have is a gold (or whatever color you bought) grinder. You pay $6 more for the Tommy branding, so that's kind of a bummer man!


This is a 4 piece grinder so you get the awesome pollen storage area below a small micron screen with a plastic scooper to get it out of the grinder.


Using the grinder:

Sadly this is a smaller grinder than I expected so you can't grind too much at one time. Our go-to grinder is much larger and more durable so we were a bit disappointed when we started using the Chong grinder.


The teeth on this grinder were the same diamond shape as the grinder we prefer, but instead of perfect diamonds they have an off-set swirl in the center. This didn't seem to break up the herb enough for a joint. It left it a bit chunky and it was easier to smoke in our vaporizer than it was to roll in a joint.



The first negative is the size. Futurola sells the Chong Roller but the Chong branded grinder would need about 1 and half grinders full to fill it up. That's a bit disappointing to be honest, when smoking like the "Man of Cannabis" himself, I expect to be able to grind a full joint's amount in the first grind.

Second, the aluminum isn't the same quality and durability as a titanium grinder. It's super light, dents easily, and eventually the threads are going to break on this thing with heavy use. However, being aluminum this is cost-effective and doesn't cost more than $40.

Lastly, the threads don't bind well. The pollen catcher section keeps coming loose just sitting in our travel bag, which means that there is a large possibility that you will lose your pollen in your bag instead of smoking it on your bowls or rollin it up in your jays.......

Now you know how it is to grind your herb like Tommy Chong himself. He backed this grinder, and I wish he would have chosen a better grinder to support. This is a mid-quality aluminum grinder that may be cost-effective, but it just a rebranding of an existing Futurola grinder that will have the paint wear off and just isn't quite the same quality I expected after reviewing their Chong roller. This just barely made our PNWCR Approved list, and honestly it isn't worth the extra $6 you pay just to see his smiling face while you grind your herb. Their normal grinder gets the same score, so pick that one up for $30 instead!


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Ease of Use







  • Nice logo
  • Pollen screen and catcher
  • Cost effective


  • Cheaper quality than some
  • Cover binds after extensive use