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3 Products That Let You Chief Like Chong

Hey there PNW fans. Let’s be honest, we’re all here because of our love for cannabis and the products that have been created to rep, support, sell, or consume the plant in their many ways. There have been a ton of celebrities that have decided to cash in on this new industry, ranging from Snoop Dogg and his many entrepreneurial efforts all the way to Melissa Etheridge and her cannabis infused wine plans.

We’re gonna take a minute to talk about what it’s like to smoke like the man himself. Arguably one of the most recognized faces in the cannabis community, Tommy recently announced that he partnered with both Cloud Vapes and Futurola to release a line of their products branded with his name and logo. We reviewed a few of them, so let’s see what its like to chief like Chong!

Dabbing Like Chong

Tommy has recently found the benefits to vaping his cannabis and cannabis oils and began to look for a vaporizer. He ended up partnering with Cloud Vapes and worked them to release this pen. Billed as the smallest portable vaporizer around, the CloudV Platinum Tommy Chong Edition portable vaporizer packs a huge punch and delivers large clouds and is designed for wax/oil vaporization. You can’t vape your dry flower in this one.

Chief Like Chong
                 Image Courtesy of

In the box you get the Platinum pen, a small dab tool, an AC adapter, and a carrying case made of faux leather that is actually pretty distinguished looking in my opinion. It’s a bit small, you can’t carry the power cord AND the pen in it unless you leave the wall plug-in bit behind and only use the USB charger. This is definitely one of our favorite wax pens and the Tornado atomizer that it uses is one of the best wax coils we’ve ever seen. The ceramic interior gives an even heat that reclaims itself so there is very little mess or clean up needed. Receiving a 9.1/10, this is a great option for someone who wants a discreet vape pen that works well.

Chiefin Like Chong

The Tommy we all know and love is the ultimate stoner and loves to smoke his flower, no matter how much he’s dabbin on that vape pen. He partnered with a Dutch company, Futurola, and worked with them to launch a line of Tommy Chong branded smoking accessories including a grinder, a roller and rolling papers. Want to smoke a “jay” like the man, read on for more info!


To roll a joint you need some perfectly ground dry flower. You could pick it apart by hand, plenty of people do, but why bother getting that sticky mess on your fingers. Many of us look for a good grinder that lets us shred up our herb faster and more efficiently. You wouldn’t be able to smoke like the man without grinding like the man, so we bring you the Chong grinder.

               Chong 4-pc. shredder in anodized gold.

It’s nice that they have a 4 piece option, they also sell a 2 piece without the kief catcher for those who want a lower cost option. This shreds your herb into even lengths that vaporize well (we tested this for a tabletop vaporizer as well as for joint rolling), but it left the herb a little “chunky” with rough edges. That’s not ideal for joint rolling, you want smoother material so the edges don’t break the paper. Sadly it’s an aluminum grinder so it’s not the highest quality and begins to bind up after grinding just a few grams through it. It’s not all bad though! It rated an 8.3/10 and received our Badge of Approval.


We’ve tested a few cigarette rollers out for rolling cannabis joints and we have always been disappointed. I can roll a joint better by hand than most of the crappy rollers out there can roll. Imagine my surprise when I first used the Chong roller. In the box you get the roller supported by a nice foam padding. Lift the padding and you find a carrying bag with the Futurola branding and a replacement rolling mat.

Chief Like Chong
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This is one of the best rollers I’ve ever seen, if not the best. It rolls king sized joints so they’re a bit large, but it rolls a Dutch cone to perfection!! You have a larger end to light up and a smaller end where your joint tip or crutch goes, and the roller does it all for you! It is a larger joint, so you need some extra herb and you probably want to bring a buddy to share it with!

Smokebuddy Chief Like chong
               Smokebuddy and Smokebuddy Jr. sharing                                           that Chong torpedo!

The joint won’t run and burns evenly from start to finish. Once you get this, you won’t want to use anything else again. Now we’re smoking like da man!! This was one of the best items we’ve reviewed, coming in at a whopping 9.9/10 on our review scale!

Honorable Mention:

I know the article is titled 3 products to chief like Chong, but why don’t we toss you a bonus item!


Futurola released a line of papers branded with Tommy’s logo and face in June to go along with the Tommy Chong roller. These are super slim papers and come with a set of paper filter tips that you can roll into a crutch if you don’t have a glass one.

Chief Like Chont
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These are perfect papers for their king sized roller to get the perfect dutch cone joint. I’m sure other king sized papers work just as well though, and with these you’re really paying the extra money for the name. I mean, all they did was slap a cardboard cover over their already released Super Slim papers.

There you have it, 4 products brought to us by Tommy Chong. If you’re a fan of the man himself you can now chief like Chong! We HIGHLY recommend the roller and the vape pen, but the grinder and papers are just basic items rebranded with Tommy’s logo. While not everything is spectacular, everything is a step above the normal mediocre product being flooded in the cannabis market at the moment! Thanks for joining us, stay irie PNW fans!