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Dank Mail 2.0: A Review of “Stoner” Subscriptions

dank mail 2.0

Dank mail.....that name brings to mind weed wrapped in cellophane and inside tubes to mail some "bud" to some it is used to discuss the newest product in the emerging legal cannabis markets, the monthly subscription. Welcome back to the PNWCR fans and thanks for all of your support and shares. Today

Subscription Review: The 710 Box by BuddaBox

Hey there PNW fans!  We've unboxed over a dozen mail-order boxes by now and we almost feel like we're an authority on the subscription boxes. We're back with another one! This box is the 710 Box from BuddaBox!  Buddabox offers a flower and oil version and this is the oil (or concentrate) themed

Subscription Review: The Dollar High Club Subscription Service

Welcome back PNW fans! Thanks for joining us for another subscription review! This time we are reviewing ALL THREE levels of the Dollar High Club! These guys are modeled a lot like a very well known shaving subscription club (that we've been a member of for years now!) and the different

Subscription Review: The Hotbox Litebox

hotbox litebox

Welcome back to the PNW CannaReviews HQ fans, and thanks for joining us for another subscription, or "Dank Mail" review! The team at HotBox sent us their LiteBox so we could show all of you a great way to dip your feet into the waters of subscription boxes! This isn't actually

Subscription Review: December Toker Pack

december toker pack

Thanks for joining us for another subscription box review PNWCR readers! We bring you a follow up to our Toker Pack unboxing and review of the November box. They sent us the December box, and I'm happy to say they did a much better job this time around! First off their packaging was MUCH

Subscription Review: December #myTHCbox


Welcome back PNW fans. Thanks for joining us for another review, and we're ending 2015 with a bang! Here is another follow-up to our Dank Mail article. Let me introduce you to the December #myTHCbox! One thing that is a big problem with the emerging cannabis industry is the lack of professionalism. A lot