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Gadget Review: The Alpha Puff Kit

Gadget Review: The Alpha Puff Kit

Gadget Review: The Alpha Puff Kit Hey there PNW CannaReviews fans! Today we have a unique product to show you guys! Let me introduce the Alpha Puff Kit all-in-one adventure tool! Ok, so it may not be specifically for adventuring but it was so perfect that it's a permanent addition to our hiking

Subscription Review: The Hotbox Litebox

hotbox litebox

Welcome back to the PNW CannaReviews HQ fans, and thanks for joining us for another subscription, or "Dank Mail" review! The team at HotBox sent us their LiteBox so we could show all of you a great way to dip your feet into the waters of subscription boxes! This isn't actually

Product Review: Tommy Chong Papers by Futurola USA

What's happenin PNW followers? We have another review of some papers today, and we were happy to be able to review these. Today we bring you the Tommy Chong papers by Futurola USA to be used with the Tommy Chong roller they released a while back.     I wanted to rave about these

Product Review: Juicy Jay’s Mango Flavored Rolling Papers

How’s it going PNW followers? We're back with another paper review, this time for the Juicy Jays "Mango" flavored papers. These are flavored hemp papers that utilize a soy ink to print the images on on the non-glue side. I was hesitant to give these a try to be honest. I'm not