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Product Review: Tommy Chong Papers by Futurola USA

What's happenin PNW followers? We have another review of some papers today, and we were happy to be able to review these. Today we bring you the Tommy Chong papers by Futurola USA to be used with the Tommy Chong roller they released a while back.     I wanted to rave about these

Product Review: Tommy Chong Grinder by Futurola

We have been enjoying the Tommy Chong branded products out there, and today we are bringing you the Tommy Chong Exclusive 4 piece Shredder made by Futurola. Futurola has partnered with Tommy to bring us a few items including this grinder, some papers, and the Chong Roller that we reviewed previously.

Product Review: The Chong Roller by Futurola USA

Hey there PNW readers! Thanks for joining us for another review today, and I’m very happy to bring you guys the review of the Chong Roller by Futurola USA! I don’t know about you guys, but I love a joint every once in a while, especially since I’m an ex-smoker. Smoking

Gadget Review: Cloud V Platinum Tommy Chong Edition Vaporizer

Chief Like Chong

How's it going PNW readers? As promised, here is the unpack and reveal of the Cloud V Platinum Tommy Chong edition portable vaporizer. Give the video a watch, and then scroll down for my thoughts and official review. Ok, so you've watched the video right? Good. Time to talk about this awesome vape pen! The Vaporizer: The