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An Open Letter From a Medical Dispensary Owner to OHA

An Open Letter From a Medical Dispensary Owner to OHA

Edward Medina Jr., owner of A Better Way Medicinal Alternatives penned an open letter to the Oregon Health Authority discussing his concerns over how the OHA is ignoring the challenges the bans in conservative Oregon counties have created bottlenecks for patients and reinvigorated the illicit market in Southern Oregon. This letter

Grow Journal: Chemdog Auto from Auto Seeds

Chemdog Auto from Auto Seeds

This Chemdog Auto from Auto Seeds is our second attempt at an autoflower cannabis plant. Described as The result of crossing Auto #1 with an original Chemdog clone, Auto Chemdog is an easy to grow highly potent strain with a knock out stone. The perfect balance between sativa and indica genetics and ready

PNW Introduction: THC Pollen-Kief Capsules by Pollen Nation

pollen kief capsules

Hello there PNW fans! Here at the PNWCR headquarters we believe that cannabis helps us live healthier lives. Because of that, we're always looking for new cannabis products and supplements that help us have a bit more life to our lives...... I'm happy to say we've found a product out of

Medibles Review: Total Technique Tinctures Means Monster Cookie

Total Technique Tinctures Means Monster Cookie

Welcome back PNW fans! If you've read our reviews of Coma Treats and Grumpy Monkey's medibles already then you know how much I despise the taste of cannabis in my candy. I've said this before, but I feel that cannabis is very savory and if you’re putting it in something

Medibles Review: Grumpy Monkey’s Caramels

Thanks for joining us PNW fans, today we are bringing you a review of Grumpy Monkey's caramels!! Meet Mr. Grumpy Monkey.....the face for Grumpy Monkey's Edibles & Medibles.     This pup is an awesome little dude and the mascot for an amazing medibles company. Let's talk about the caramels they make shall

Concentrate Review: Fat Pack’s Royal Master Kush Sugar Wax

Hello there PNW followers. Jon here, and I'm back with another strain review! Over the last couple of days we've had the pleasure of sampling some excellent sugar wax we picked up from Fat Pack, the concentrate line from Phat Dawg Pharms out of Oregon that provides medicine for Oregon Medical Marijuana