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CannaStrips “Cannabis Edible Strips” Commercial Visit and search menus for CannaStrips locations. Visit for more information.

CannaStrips smoke-free pain relief.
The effective, healthy, and convenient way to medicate with
Years of cannabis research combined with the world’s
most advanced edible film-strip technology has resulted in
CannaStrips, a breakthrough in medical marijuana science.
Lab formulated from only the highest grade cannabis oil,
CannaStrips are absorbed sublingually, solving the problem
of stomach degradation and slow onset associated with most
cannabis edibles.
CannaStrips special daytime formula is specifically
designed to deliver the most accurate, and pleasant
combination of effects, without hindering your daily routine.
Great tasting CannaStrips are made from 100% pure, natural
ingredients, a healthier alternative to smoking, without all the sugar and
calories found in most cannabis edibles.
CannaStrips are easy to carry and consume too. Anytime,
anywhere. Avoid smelling like smoke at work, around children, or anytime
you want to keep your patient status confidential. They’re great for traveling, and anytime you have limited access to other medicine.

For more information, or to find a reseller near you, visit You can also visit and search menus for CannaStrips locations.