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Product Review: The Canna Clamp by Midwest Concentrates

The Canna Clamp by Midwest Concentrates
The Canna Clamp by Midwest Concentrates

Tired of buying overpriced cannabis extracts at dispensaries or worrying about the residual solvent in the shit your homie blasts in his backyard? Well PNW fans, let me introduce you to the newest home extraction method from Midwest Concentrates, the Canna Clamp.

The Canna Clamp is just two heated plates that fit over any Irwin Quick-Grip (you even get one with the kit if you get the whole shebang!), and in minutes you have fresh, solventless dabs that smell and taste better than most professional extracts on the recreational markets!

With an average yield between 14-25%, this was a great way to make your own concentrates without a DIY setup!


Nothing is perfect and this is no exception. First, you can only press up to 2 grams of flower at once. That means you’re going to be doing a lot of squeezing if you’re looking to press an ounce of bud……’s pretty time consuming.

There’s a large learning curve to the unit as well. You have to do some research on the best ways to use rosin, the best humidity levels, the best types of flower with the best yields, etc. Once you have the knowledge the unit is very easy to use, it just takes a bit to learn what to do.

This is a great unit and a perfect gift for the cannabis enthusiast in your life. The Canna Clamp definitely receives the PNWCR Badge of Approval and I will use this for a long time to come!

The Canna Clamp











  • Easily makes solvent free extractions
  • Easy to use once you learn the unit
  • Nice yields
  • Easily stored


  • Slightly time consuming
  • Some cost expenditure at first
  • Large learning curve
  • Can only press a small amount at once
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