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Canna Care Docs – Documentary

Medical marijuana is used daily by an increasing number of people to help manage the symptoms of medical issues like PTSD and pain & nausea. Take a look into the lives of 3 patients of Canna Care Docs, who certify patients for medical marijuana use nationwide.

One of Canna Care Doc’s largest obstacles is the stigma that medical marijuana has within the traditional medical community. Canna Care Docs is among the pioneers working to bring cannabinoid therapies into the mainstream environment. Veterans are one of the largest benefactors of using medicinal marijuana in treating PTSD.

We first hear from John, who uses medical cannabis to combat the years of hard physical labor he’s endured as a construction worker. After having shoulder surgery, he turns to marijuana to avoid the addictive and side-effect-ridden cycle of pharmaceutical drugs. Some patients are also allergic to a large host of drugs, for example to treat cancer. It’s forcing many people to turn to medical marijuana as an alternative.

We also hear from two Veterans who suffer from PTSD. From anxiety to nightmares, flashbacks, and the having to relive the horrors of war, PTSD has a debilitating effect on hundreds of thousands of soldiers returning home.

Marta Downing, COO of Canna Care Docs gives us an overview of the doctor’s offices and her inspiration to getting involved in the medical cannabis industry. They pursue their mission: Canna Care Docs is committed to the medicinal value cannabis brings to your holistic healthcare treatment and providing safe and compliant access into medical marijuana programs. At Canna Care Docs you will spend time with a caring, non-judgmental medical professional qualifying your condition for medical marijuana and discussing cannabis as it relates to your specific needs.

Unlike opiates, cannabis has a fairly short half life, so it can be used to manage pain throughout the day without keeping patients locked in an opiate-induced fog. More than likely, Vets will be pushed towards pills by the VA, since there is no room for medical marijuana use presently in the army.

There are large financial challenges that Vets face when coming home, which are compounded by PTSD and the lack of safe access to effective treatment like medical marijuana. Canna Care Docs is working at making a real different for the Veterans community, having certified over 1,000 Vets in Massachusetts to use medical marijuana for free, and working with them to develop cannabinoid treatment strategies for PTSD.

Canna Care Docs has given over $250,000 in Recs to Veterans in need.

Canna Care Doc’s policy is “no patient should face criminal prosecution for their choice of natural medicine because of an inability to pay.” Canna Care Docs operates 18 clinics in 6 states: Delaware, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Canna Care Docs has conducted numerous in home visits to patients who are unable to leave their homes due to serious illness as well as bedside hospital visits at metropolitan hospitals.

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