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Subscription Review: The Butler Box from Hippie Butler

The Butler Box from Hippie Butler
Subscription Review: The Butler Box from Hippie Butler

Thanks for joining us PNW CannaReviews fans! Today we have a BRAND NEW subscription box to show to you guys! Introducing the Butler Box from Hippie Butler!

The Hippie Butler Subscription Service:

The Hippie Butler team offers three different levels to choose from ranging from $11.99 to 139.99 a month, so you get to choose just how much you want to get each month. Having different tiers is awesome, however they all seem a bit pricey for what you get. Let’s show you what comes in the Butler Box, their middle box that is $32.99 a month.

The service is a bit unique. When you sign up for the service you fill out a survey and then they curate the box based on your likes and dislikes! Unfortunately because this was a review box so we didn’t get to go through that process, and sadly the box wasn’t geared specifically for us…

The Butler Box:

The Butler Box is the middle tier you can subscribe to from Hippie Butler. We’ve seen more items come in some of the other boxes we’ve seen. They send everything in a nicely branded box with their bow-tie logo and in this one you get:

  • Aluminum rolling tray
  • Cyclone clear papers
  • Joint tips
  • Prerolled RAW cones
  • Cotton mouth candies
  • Clipper Lighter
  • 4 pc aluminum grinder
  • Glass spoon pipe

As you can see, you don’t get much for $33! We really liked the rolling tray and the clipper lighter, but the grinder was pretty basic and the spoon wasn’t really all that spectacular.


Let’s chat about box value:

  • Spoon – $10
  • Grinder – $10
  • Rolling Tray with supplies – $10……maybe?

In the end you barely get what you pay for in our opinion. Normally these boxes give you more in value than you paid but we just didn’t see that in the Butler Box. Compared to other subscriptions we’ve seen in our Dank Mail hunt, this one just doesn’t earn the PNWCR Badge of Approval! It still receives a 7.5/10 so it’s not a bad choice, it just doesn’t match some of the connoisseur boxes we’ve already shown you!


The Butler Box from Hippie Butler











  • Well branded box
  • Several tiers to choose from
  • Quality materials included


  • Items barely worth box value
  • Not many smalls
  • No stickers
  • No reason to continue to subscribe to future months
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