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Glass Review: Bushido Boro Diesel Chopper

Diesel Chopper

Glass Review: Bushido Boro Diesel Chopper

Welcome back PNW fan! Today’s video covers our review of the Diesel Chopper dab rig from Bushido Boro Glass. This “swizzle-stick” style rig comes with a reclaim catcher and is a bubbler style rig.

The Diesel Chopper is a plain glass rig but the design has this feel of class. It has a pistol grip style base so it feels very comfortable to hold. It has a reclaim catcher with clip so you don’t lose your reclaim in the water. Finally, it came with a glass wand (we got two for testing) that gets heated for dabbing.

This rig hits pretty hard, once you learn how to use it. Heat the wand up and slid it into the center where your dabs are and making a piston like motion. This drags your melted concentrate up and slides it over heated glass. This is what creates the vaporizing, and the faster motion with slight swirls creates the largest hits.

The best this about this rig though is that there is no loss or puddling up of your dabs from using too low of heat! Regular nails leave extract or concentrate behind when you don’t heat it up enough and you lose that in your next heating! Not so with the Diesel Chopper, if you didn’t heat the wand up enough you just heat it again, a bit hotter, and try again! No more losing dabs!

There are some flaws to this however…….

First off…..the glass wand needs to be quartz. I understand this will increase the price point a bit, but you see on video how the wand I had broke from heating. That was only like 15 times being heated up, and at temps that visually look way lower than what the maker does in his own use videos. Quartz withstands the heating better and retains the heat longer, so this is definitely something I would suggest changing!

The piece is hard to clean with all the bends and twists. Its really hard to get rock salt into the center to use with alcohol, and scrubber brushes won’t really get into some of the cracks and crevices. The best thing is to use a preventative like Weed Wipes. Adding Weed Wipes to your water prevents resin and reclaim from building up on the sides, so just a bit of hot water and this piece cleaned right up and looked just like new!

Another flaw is terpene retention. This piece needs to be cleaned after each strain type to make sure you get your terpene profile from the new dab and not muddle it up. This isn’t too much of a problem when you do a small dab like I showed on video. However, larger dabs leave more behind and unless you want to wait for 24 hours for the center chamber to dry you just have to deal with mixing dab strains……not too bad unless you’re a terpene purist!

That leads me to the last flaw. This rig works better with larger amounts! When dabbing with 0.1 or 0.2 gram sized dabs the wand doesn’t fully dip into it and it doesn’t get distributed very well along the chamber. Drop in a 0.5 gram or larger though and you have a party!

There it is, our new Bushido Boro Diesel Chopper dab rig! While there were a few flaws,the hits are fantastic and the terpene retention is great…….as long as you keep it clean. Pick up one of these rigs from Bushido Boro, use code PNWCR for 10% off your order of Weed Wipes and enjoy your new glass dab rig!

Diesel Chopper













  • Strong hits
  • Heating wand gives better terpene retention
  • No loss from low heating


  • Glass wand breaks easily
  • Made for larger dab amounts
  • Hard to clean
  • Can muddle terpenes
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