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Subscription Review: BurnBox

Well, hello there PNW readers! Thanks for stopping by for another of our reviews straight out of the Pacific Northwest! I'm back with review of another subscription box! I received my Burnbox the other day, and I am excited to show you everything that came in the box!! Watch the unpack video above, and then read below for some thoughts on the individual items!

Lets take a look inside the "Mango" themed Burnbox and see if it's worth the price, shall we?

The Burnbox:

Like other subscriptions, this arrives in a very discreet plain box so the postman won't know what you're getting. Like the 420 Goody Box, you get a comment card inside that details everything that comes in the box. 


Tightly packed in the box are the several items that were included in this months' box, let's break those down now!

The Contents:

The VERY first thing we noticed in the box was the padded glass protective pouch. Ours was a royal purple (I had hoped for a blaze orange since this was the mango theme, but that's ok), and it was HUGE! 


I wish I would've placed something next to this for a size comparison, but rest assured that this pouch is long enough to slide our hammer bubbler in with no issues at all! A bit big for the glass that came in the Burnbox, but I'll find a use for it I'm sure!


The first piece of glass we found was a nice single hitter sent packed inside of a plastic doobTube. It fit perfectly inside of the doobTube, so perfectly in fact that you'll see in the video that I thought the tube was actually created for single hitters. They aren't, doobTubes are generic storage containers for cannabis related products, but this one was made for the storage of the Burnbox one hitters.


Finally, we got a couple of packs of papers and blunt wraps. We got mango flavored Juicy Jays, some HempWicks, and some ungummed club papers from Modiano. From what I can tell, and even with some glass included, this box was a bit focused on joints and blunts. 


The Modiano papers were fantastic! Ungummed, these rolled a perfect joint and the heat did not cause the paper to unstick from itself. I just wish these were made from hemp instead of unbleached paper. That's my only dislike for the papers.


We also got two sets of blunt wraps, mango (of course, what do you expected in a mango themed box) and "laid back". We don't use tobacco products, so these will be gifted to some friends. Burnbox also included some matches in a triangle box branded with their logo....see what I mean about focused on joints and blunts?


Lastly, we got this cute little sherlock style bubbler. It's super tiny, as you can see in the photo it's the size of a Bic lighter. Now, I'm not ok with that. I don't like it, I can't use it. My hands are bigger than the damn seems like it was an afterthought, and the padded pouch that was included in the box seems far out of place compared to the bubbler. 



Let's break down the cost of the items included in the box shall we?

  • Padded glass pouch - Retail $15.00 on several online outlets
  • Mini glass rig - Listed for $20 on the Brothers with Glass website. Not the same piece, but comparable.
  • Papers - $1 each
  • Hempwick - $1 each
  • Single hitter - $10 on BWG site.

This makes the total value of the box about $50 with the subscription for this box only being $20 with free shipping. That means you're getting about $30 worth of free stuff. Getting both glass pieces feels like there was some duplication that wasn't necessary, but the pouch and doobTube are nice items to receive. There are a couple more subscription option for a slightly higher cost, and I would have liked to see the "Glassy Box", the glass focused box.

That's the Burnbox PNW followers! Like the other boxes you'll see reviewed, you get a glass item (or two), some papers, and some random other items to round the box out. Personally, I don't see the value of getting a box each month, but for what you're paying for it's definitely worth the value! If you like getting new stuff each month, this is a great option!

Like to burn....?

Get your Burnbox today!











  • Value more than cost
  • Monthly themes
  • Multiple subscription options


  • Focused on joints/blunts