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Product Review: BuckyKing Gravity Bong Bowl

Hello there PNW Fans! Thanks for joining us for another review here at PNW CannaReviews. Today we're taking a look at the BuckyKing, a gravity/waterfall bong bowl made from quality stainless steel.

This thing is a blast from the past for me for sure!! I can't remember the last time I hit a gravity bong straight to my head. When these guys got a hold of me, I was a bit skeptical, but after our test I was convinced!! Watch the video to see it in action and then come back for the review....


The BuckyKing comes in a small plastic container inside of a small bag and it's about the size of a quarter tall. We gave them a point for style for the "Have a Bucky Day" quote across the top too!


This is the easiest thing in the world to use. Pack a bowl full of herb, set it on top of any bottle that has an opening the size of a 20 oz bottle, and go to town!

You have a couple of options here. You can use a bucket and a 2 liter or larger bottle and cut the bottom of the bottle off. Plunge the bottle into the water up to the neck, light the lighter and pull up and you create a vacuum that pulls the flame into your herb and fills the bottle with smoke. This is a gravity bong.


We created a waterfall bong. Same concept, but instead of cutting out the bottom you just punch a hole. Fill the bottle with water, set the bowl on top, let your finger off the hole at the bottom and the water creates the vacuum as it rushes out into a bucket or a bowl.

You can see the flame being pulled into the bowl and smoke filling the bottle in the photo above. Fill the bottle with smoke, pull off the bowl, and start sucking and you'll get a HUGE hit.

One last thing I want to talk about is the heat issue. This a metal bowl that has hot coal inside that you have to pull off of the bottle to get your hit. Not to worry though, this is thick enough that the heat doesn't come all the way through. The bowl is warm, but not hot at all. You also can grab it by the o-ring just a bit, it's thick enough that you can lift from it and only lightly touch the bowl.


There isn't too much more to talk with this thing. The only flaw was the price. This thing is fuckin expensive. For $34.95, I'd rather stick with the aluminum foil trick and just make a new bowl each time I wanted to party....

This is a quality constructed utensil for someone who uses a gravity/waterfall bong on the regular and doesn't mind the cost. I'm trying to help us move away from the "stoner" stereotypes so this isn't my cup of tea, but an unbiased review gives it a high enough score to get the PNWCR Badge of Approval.




Ease of Cleaning


Ease of Use





  • Easily turn any 20 oz bottle into a water bong
  • Easy to clean
  • Quality stainless steel


  • Very expensive
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