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Brooklyn Projects x Weedmaps – Historic Mini-Ramp Rebuild in Los Angeles, CA

Weedmaps and Brooklyn Projects partnered together to restore BP’s historic mini-ramp with the help of old school professional skateboarder Eddie Reategui. BP’s goal is to give back to the local skateboarding community by replacing the worn ramp with something new.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Brooklyn Projects (BP) is a world-renowned skateboard shop, streetwear boutique, and art gallery. BP was founded in December, 2002, by Dominick DeLuca, former pro BMXer, avid skateboarder, record company executive, and MTV VJ.

Eddie Reategui of Dagger Skates is a veritable legend in the skateboarding community. He was mentored under the auspices of Stacy Peralta back in the ’80s and was even recruited to Powell-Peralta during their pop-culture era making him the ideal builder for this project.

In Southern California, skateboarding started with local surfers who wanted to ride the concrete waves of the streets. Evolving from that time, skate shops have become a cultural hub inspiring customers with ideas, new styles and music.

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