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Utensil Review: The Bong Buddy Lighter Leash

Welcome PNWCR fans! Thank you for reading another review out of the Northwest! This review is a special one for me! We've introduced our awesome fans to some great products, but this is definitely our favorite for what it does! Let me introduce you to the Bong Buddy lighter leash!

We have ALL been there, end of the night your buddies take off and you look around and your lighter is no where to be found. Not only that, all 5 of your damn lighters are gone! Tell the truth........if you haven't been there then you're the dude who steals them!

Well, Highly Innovative solved that problem for us!

The Bong Buddy:

The Bong Buddy is our new best friend. It's a lighter leash that is made up of a silicone strap, a cord that retracts to keep your lighter up out of the way, and another silicone lighter holder on the other end.

bong buddy

Stretch it around the top of your bong, fit a lighter into the end, and pull down and you're good to go. There are only two negatives to this thing really and you see one right away. It's a little awkward to light the lighter with the string because it doesn't give any slack. It's easy to remedy though, you just hook it with a finger on the hand holding the bong and you get the slack you need to hold the lighter comfortably.

bong buddy

There's nothing they can really do to fix that, I just had to point it out to be thorough.

The Bong Buddy comes in four colors; purple, black, red, and green. You see the purple one on our Strong Silicone bong above.
bong buddy

This thing is the savior to stoners everywhere! It's only 8 bucks and for what it save you in stolen lighters it will pay for itself after just a few times of blazin it up with some buddies!


There are two flaws, and we mentioned the first one already. It's just a bit awkward to hold until you figure out what fits best for your hand and bong.

The other one is a construction flaw that may have been a fluke but still needs some attention. There are only two plastic parts of the unit: the casing that houses the cord (that's surrounded by silicone except for the backside that is protected against your bong), and the plastic part that is molded around the cord that connects to the part that holds the lighter.


That piece right there snapped on us. Thankfully it snapped right in the middle of it and half of it stayed with the cord. That prevented the cord from going all the way into the casing and being useless. We just pulled it out and fed it through that metal clip there and tied it off and it was just as good. Slight flaw sure but we used it for a good couple of months before we replaced it.

I hope you enjoyed our review of the Bong Buddy lighter leash. We LOVE this thing and will always have a few on hand. I hope to be able to get one with our logo someday, that would just tickle me pink! Trust me, it's the best $7.99 you've ever spent! Head to their store now, this one definitely gets the PNWCR Badge of Approval!


Looking for just the right smoking untensil?

The Bong Buddy








Ease of Use



  • Keeps lighter from getting stolen
  • Quality parts
  • Looks good on your piece


  • Plastic piece connecting metal clip and string can break
  • Slightly awkward until you figure out how to hold
Family man and ganjapreneur, I am an Pacific NW resident who loves to test and review cannabis related products! I love to hike, swim, and explore Oregon and the Northwest. My family and I go on plenty of adventures!