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Product Review: Blanks Pre-rolled Tubes

jointpackHow’s it going PNW followers? How do you consume your cannabis? If you’re like me, then you have several ways to consume it including smoking a joint or two to help settle the nerves and kill the pain. Me, I LOVE joints. I quit smoking cigarettes a couple of years ago, and smoking a joint every once in a while helps curb the last lingering cravings I still have.

One of my problems is that my hands just won’t roll well anymore. I used to pride myself on my hand rolls, but age is starting to make my hands like blocks anymore. At this point I need a good roller for a good joint, or I have to get my girlfriend to twist one up for me…….so imagine how happy I was to come across Blanks pre-rolled tubes!

The Blanks:

Blanks, according to their website, was fueled when a Brooklyn College student and a former executive assistant were introduced by an Amsterdam local to the art of roll-your-own smoking. Finding rolling required a bit of dexterity and patience, the pair continued trying to master the process with mixed results. An occasional inhaled ash. An occasional burned finger. A not so occasional wasted mixture. A needless commitment to a specific amount to smoke. Although cool and interesting, the pair believed the roll your own experience could be made better and easier.


When you open the box of blanks, you pull out an insert with ten (10) pre-rolled tubes with a cardboard “filter” of sorts inside of a rice paper tube. You pull the filter out of one end until the empty tube is the desired length, then fill it up with your material and twist the end closed. Sounds simple yeah?


Let’s give them a try shall we?

Using the Blanks:

As I said above, you pull the filter out of one end (being careful not to pull it all the way out, this acts as a filter and a surface to tap your flower down with) and “scoop” your material into the other end. Everyone once in a while you have to use something to tamp down your flower to be able to add more. Honestly, this took FOREVER! It was frustrating because you could only get a certain amount of material in before having to tamp it down more. It’s difficult enough that Blanks was even kind enough to give us some instructions on how to use them.

Once you filled up the tube, you are supposed to twist the end closed and use the cardboard tube sticking out the other end as a “filter”. This was a horrible design and it fell out of the back as soon as I created an open space large enough for a joint. This filter only works if you’re using just half to three quarters of the paper, any larger of a joint and the filter just didn’t stay in. That means if you’re smoking with friends and sharing then you’re using more than one blank. Seems like a waste. Trying to put the filter back in resulted in the paper tearing as it’s made from weak rice paper.

“Blank” Smoking:

11201480_10203281845646910_1385472747_oAs you can see in the pictures to the left and right, this11201297_10203281845846915_194610536_o just didn’t burn right. The paper poofed on first lighting instead of burning slowly enough to actually ignite the flower. The flower on the outer edges was charred, but there was no burning in the middle at all. Several attempts at lighting this happened but all we did was waste the first 15 percent of the joint.

The one hit I did get tasted like……well, paper. I use hemp rolling papers usually, so I don’t normally have any kind of taste to my hits beyond the normal char you get from smoking a joint but because these were made from rice paper I could taste it.


What can I say, I have a list of flaws for these. First off, at $0.35 each these are a waste of money. A regular paper is closer to $0.05 each, and the fact that these are weak rice paper and not made from hemp in no way justifies the cost. The glue that holds the tube together is weak as well, one end came open and forced us to twist that end even tighter than the end we lit. Having to use a nail or something to tamp down the flower created uneven pockets of flower that would run and not burn consistently. Finally, the cardboard “filter” just created waste that we had to make sure ended up in the recycle bin afterwards.

That’s what we thought of Blanks pre-rolled tubes. We were not fans of them at all. In our opinion the cost of three packs of these buys an okay roller and even that’s a better alternative to these. With weak paper and glue, the quality of the components aren’t worth the price. 

These DO NOT meet and pass the

PNW CannaReviews testing















  • No


  • Weak paper
  • Weak glue
  • Doesn't smoke evenly
  • Not cost effective